Saturday, October 8, 2011

Advice/Feedback Post #1

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 Hi tasha. I'm going through a very difficult situation and could really use some advice. I have an 18 month old daughter and her father wanted nothing to do with us. So I just decided to leave him alone. Now I've been seeing this guy for awhile and I just found out I'm pregnant. The problem is he still lives with his sons mother. Theyre not together he lives there for his son. He wants me to have an abortion which I never believed in. I actually want to have this baby I'm just afraid that if I do we won't be together. I'm afraid it will make it very hard to find someone to be with if I do. But as I said I want this baby. I was on birth control and still got pregnant. So I believe thats a miracle and I think its selfish to kill a baby just because its the wrong time. Have any advice? 
 It's really quite simple. If he loves you, he will stay with you and love you and your kid. If not, I've seen tons of tv shows where people with kids find people to be with. Sorry its short advice, but I think it kindda gets to the point.


  1. Also, try birth control. It works. And seriously, being single isn't the end of the world. Try focusing on your kid instead of your love life.

  2. you should definately try to focus on your kid