Sunday, May 16, 2010 is a great website for people to connect with, and actually talk to, thier favorite celebrities. Not all celebraties have them, but the ones that do,  you really can talk to! It's free of charge, and if you want, you can get a free say now number as well. Whenever someone calls your SayNow, the phone you have it hooked up to will ring, and they will be put through to that phone.
I recommend it.

The Vampire Diaries, the book series

    The Vampire Diaries book series is not excatly like the hit CW TV show, as one might expect. However, it is just as enchanting and suspensful. In the books, Elena does have parents, and she has a sister too! But she does not have a brother. Many more adventures between her, Damon, and Stephan happen, but probably because there are 4 books in the series, and there has only been 2 or 3 seasons of the Vampire Diaries on television yet. I recommend both the book, and the TV show to all!

The Vampire Diaries TV Show

  The hit TV Show, The Vampire Diaries, is a terrific show that will have you hooked and wanting more. Based on LJ Smith's, the Vampire Diaries book series, Elena (Nina Dobrev), her vampire boyfriend, Stephan (Paul Wesley), and his brother, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go through many adventures to protect themselves and the people of the town.
On the CW channel, Thursdays at 8 PM

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teen Vouge and Seventeen

 Teen Vouge and Seventeen are both great magazines for teen girls. Seventeen is based on the East Coast style (being in New York), while Teen Vouge is based on the West Coast style (being in Los Angeles). Two very different looks, both great magazines. Personally, I prefer Seventeen, but maybe that is why I live in Maryland.

Teen Vouge

Teen Vouge ( is a great fashion magazine for Teen girls. Thier website is good as well. On thier site you can enter contests and get free tips and tricks. In the magazine, they have many intruging articles and lots and lots of fashion.


The International Order of the Rainbow for Girls is a non-profit organization that teaches girls confidence and the 7 lessons of womanhood, including that of service. It is a great group and I encourage girls between the ages of 11-20 to check it out. For more information, visit !

Seventeen Magazine

Seventeen Magazine is a terrific magazine for girl teens! It includes freebies, fashion, horiscopes, college stuff, exercise, money savers, and more! I would suggest it to all teens out there!Check out there website at and enter thier contests and suscribe!

ANA Travel

Planning to take a plane out of the country, possibly to Japan?Take ANA!ANA is a great airline that serves you 2 meals, has tons of videos and movies you can watch the whole flight, and non-stop radio! Plus, you can see where you are in the sky, how much longer, how far you've traveled, and times around the world all on the Sky Map feature of your own personal ANA TV. The seats recline and have a foot rest that pops out, if you want to lay down.They are very friendly staff and will try to make you happiest.So, next time you're traveling to Japan (it's a Japanese Airline), take ANA!


Maggie (Stiefvater) was kind enough to give me an ARC (Advanced Review Copy) of her book, Linger. Linger is the 2nd book in the Shiver series and comes out July 2010.
It is a wonderful book and leaves you on a cliffhanger for the ending, which is terrific. If you have not already read her first book, Shiver, please do. When Linger does hit the sales table, I would recommend geting it to anyone.
It is a book more for the ages of 10-18 or so, but anyone can read it. It is a terrific read with suspense that keeps you reading until the very end.


Degrassi: Next Generation Season 9 (4pc) (Slim)

Degrassi is a show on Teen Nick. It is great for teens and people in thier mid-twenties, but too kiddish for people older and too adultish for people younger than 13. Teen Nick is a good place for it to be. There are many seasons of Degrassi, and chairman to Teen Nick, Nick Cannon, says they will never stop making Degrassi. Tune into it on Teen Nick.
New episodes on at 9 on Fridays.
(Sorry if the DVD's aren't in order of seasons. I tried to make it be like that, but IDK if it worked. Get all seasons up to Season 9 on DVD today!)


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