Giveaways and Contests

We have TONS of Contests and Giveaways going on all the time!
Simply go to the sidebar where the tags are listed.
Find the one that says Giveaway and click on it.
It should take you to a page with all the current giveaways on it!!
Thank you!!

If you would like to host/sponser a contest or giveaway, please email Tasha! Thank you!


  1. The Next Contest is a liar. We're going to have a Summer Belongs to You Phineas and Ferb contest. What you'll have to do is draw Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella together, somewhere around the world. There will be 3 prizes, Best Artist, Most Creative, and Cutest.
    So get drawing!

  2. Blogfest is September 10-12, not October.

  3. No one entered the Signed Swagg giveaway! Hopefully we will have more participants for the next giveaway/contest!

  4. What types of contest/giveaways do you want to see more of here on PrincessReviews? Let me know!