Review Policy

Do you have something you would like PrincessReviews to review? Check out the royalty's requests for your review requests. 

Tasha Nicole's Review Policy
Book Reviews
I'll review most any book, but my list is long, as I get a lot of requests, so please be patient with me when reading and reviewing your book. I will get it done, just not as fast as you might like. If you do give me a deadline, I will try my best to have it read and reviewed by then, but like I said, my list is long, so no promises.
My preferred genres are Young Adult/Teen. Mystery, Paranormal, Paranormal Romance, Fantasy, and other similar genres I am also interested in. I'm open to other genres as well, but it might take me a bit longer to get into them, making me take longer to read and review it. 
It may take me anywhere from 2-3 days to 2-3 months to review a book, based on how long my review list is. But I will get to each and every request I accept and will review them all. I try to email the author/publisher when the review is up, but again, no promises. 
If a book is in a series, I will only accept either the first book in the series, or the book you want me to review with the previous books in the series. Currently I'm only accepting print copies (paperback/hardback)!
I'll interview anyone! Just send me a message if you want to be interviewed!
Movies/Television Shows
I review the movies I see and television shows that hold my interest. If you want to send me a coupon for a certain movie or show you want me to review, you can do that and if it's a good enough coupon I'll certainly review it for you! You may also send me DVDs or VHSs of movies and television shows. 
Product Reviews
I will review any product if I receive it for free or with a great enough coupon. Coupons considered "good enough" are ones that I will pay less than $5 for the product (for movies/tv shows its less than $1). 
Restaurant Reviews
If a restaurant I normally go to is good enough, I will review it. If you want me to go to a specific one, send me a coupon! 

Cherese Vines Review Policy
Will NOT be accepting requests until 2018!

Book Reviewing Policy
I give my honest opinion in the reviews I write. If I don't like the book, I don't attack the author. I list the reasons, as tactfully as I can, why I didn't like it. I have two little ones at home so my reading may not be as fast as it could be, but I keep my word when I say I'll finish reading and review a book. I like young adult fiction, fantasy, magic and science fiction. But I'm open to reading a good book no matter the genre. I will also review adult books as well. I'm open to discussing the book with the author and other readers. I'm open to reading most genres except erotica and really, really gruesome horror. Give me at least three weeks to read the book. It will take less time if it really holds my interest. I post reviews on Princess Reviews, Goodreads, my blog, Amazon (if it's listed), and it usually ends up on Facebook several times.
Interviewing Policy
I can do interviews as well with similar guidelines to those above.
Movie/TV Reviewing Policy
I like to watch movies when I can, but I don't have a lot of time just sit for 1-1/2 to 3 hours several times during the week. I don't watch a lot of TV and I get my news from the internet most days. Although I like good movies and TV, it's few and far between for me to watch.
Product/Restaurant Reviewing Policy
I don't like to try too many new products that go on or in my body, but if it's something that I use or could use I might be open to trying it. A good coupon and I might try the restaurant.

Patricia Review Policy,
Book Review
I review adult books. I like mysteries and other fictional works. 
I don't do interviews.
If it's free, I'll review it.
Again, if it's free.
I review good restaurants. If you want me to review a specific one, send me a coupon.

Amber Review Policy
Book Reviews
I like kids books and middle school books. The dork diaries are my favorite so send me ones like them.
If I like it.
I love free stuff.
I love food, but not big on reviewing them.