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Hello, everyone! This is just a post to keep you all updated on the happenings going on at PrincessReviews. It's now summertime, so without all the pressures from school, afterschool sports, and all the stress that comes with all of that, the PrincessReviews team is going to be posting a lot more reviews, interviews, and informative articles.
We will also be having some giveaways, such as a Follower Giveaway (a giveaway designed to give more followers to PrincessReviews), a 4th of July Giveaway, a Christmas in July Giveaway, and some other fun activities. We have a lot of fun things planned for this summer, so tell your friends, stick around, follow us, and join in the fun!
If there is anything you would like us to do that you're not seeing us do, feel free to contact us! You can leave a comment, email me, or talk to me on facebook.
Thank you!

Australian Gold Continuous Spray Sunscreen

Search for australian gold  
Australian Gold Continuous Spray Sunscreen does an excellent job of giving you the "Australian Gold" tan you want, while keeping all the harmful, sunburn causing UVA rays out. As a bonus, it smells REALLY good! :D There are all sorts of differnet Australian Gold sunscreens, bronzers, tan extenders, and more for outdoor sun protection, along with tons of self-tanning indoor items. Whichever you choose is sure to be a major hit and work extreemly well.
The kind I use is avaliable by clicking the Amazon box to the left.

A.N.T. Farm

ANT Farm is a new comedy on Disney Channel. ANT stands for Advanced Natural Talents. Chyna (played by China McClain), Olive (played by Sierra McCorrmick), and Fletcher (played by Jake Short), are middle-aged children in highschool because they are incredibly talented. The series just started, but it seems good so far. I'd reccomend it to kids ages 7-12.

PS. I did have a longer review writen out, but my internet crashed last night and lost it. Sorry

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Huge giveaway with 120 books and 5 prize packs going on over at Jagged Edge Reviews!!!
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107 Minutes

Animation, Adventure, Comedy

Gore Verbinski

Johnny Depp, Isla Fisher, Timothy Olyphant

John Logan

Summary (IMDb):
Rango is an ordinary chameleon who accidentally winds up in the town of Dirt, a lawless outpost in the Wild West in desperate need of a new sheriff.

Rating (IMDb):

Rating (Mine):

My Thoughts:
Rango is a chameleon who dreams of being an actor. When he falls out of his owner's car and lands in the middle of the desert, he must come up with an identity when confronted in a bar. He decides to play the role of Rango - a real good shooter from way out West. When he kills a hawk, the people believe him and need him in order to find the water. Without water, they would all die. To find out if he ever does save it, watch the movie.
It's a really good kid-friendly movie and I reccomend watching it with kids. Sometimes the plot is a bit hard to follow, but overall its a good story. It has a great messages, such as you should always keep your promises, be who you are, and don't stop believing.

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is back on ABC Family!! :) Each Tuesday night at 8pm, turn your televisions on to your ABC Family channel to watch this amazing show. This season is all new and totally entertaining. The girls are accused of Ali's death, along with Ian's disappearance, and are forced to seperate. Along with that major disadvantage, each girl has her own problems to face.
Hannah's dad is in town for a few days, flirting with her mom, and getting married to Isabella.
Aria's attending art class with Jenna on campus at Ezra Fitz's new school, also where Jackie, his ex-fiance, works.
Emily's dad wants them to move to Texas and she can only stay if written proof is given by a swim scout promising a full scholarship.
Spencer's sister is prego and somehow in contact with Ian. Toby is working for Ali's brother. Her parents are on vacation.
There is tons of new things going on this season, I can already forsee it's going to be epic. So tune in every Tuesday!

Philips Customer Design Headband Headphones

I absoultely love my Philips Headphones. They are just like a cheaper version (in price, not quality) of Dr. Dre's Beats Over Ear Headphones. They aren't Noise Canceling, but they are still amazing. They are definately High-Definition and make every sound sound, well, amazing! Its really cool how you can customize the designs over the earpieces as well. It comes with 4 designs - 2 for boys and 2 for girls, though anyone can use any of them and it wouldn't look wierd. But in the info packet, it tells you how you can make your own design - basically, you just need to cut whatever you want into a circle that will fit it, with a little piece cut out so it sits upright.
I strongly reccomend getting a pair of these if you listen to a lot of music. It's totally worth it, and you can get them anywhere (I got mine at WalMart!!)
Rock on! haha

Amazon Kindle

   The Amazon Kindle! Wow! I love my Amazon Kindle! I have the 3G + WiFi with Special Promotions or something. My sister just has the WiFi one. Both are completely amazing and I would reccommend that everyone who reads a lot get a Kindle. Especially since a lot of books nowadays are only avaliable on the Kindle. That's the reason I got mine. You can also play games on it, shop in the kindle store, and go online. Music and pictures can also be downloaded onto it! It is completely amazing and I love mine and you'll love yours too!

TashaNicole Photography

All of the photos in the posts about the places on my cruise are original and were taken by me, TashaNicole, as a part of TashaNicole Photography. I have recently created a facebook page for it, and a facebook account for all of my pictures. They are all copyrighted by me. They are wonderfully spectacular. You should check them out! I'd appreciate any feedback you may have. Thank you!

Facebook Name: TashaNicole Photo
Facebook Page: TashaNicole Photography

Stockholm/Nynashamn, Sweden

The final stop on our cruise was Nynashamn, Sweden. We took a cab into Stockholm. There, we visited the Vasa Museum. The Vasa was a war ship that never made it 15,000 kilometers to sea before sinking. It was pretty cool and a must-see in Sweden. The cab gave us a tour and took us all over, though since it was Midsummer Holiday, everywhere was packed, so we didn't stop anywhere. They also have a Tivoli Gardens, and if you dress as if you were in the 15th century, you get in for free. The coffee is supposedly some of the best in the world, and the ice cream is definately good! The ABBA Museum wasn't opened, but if it was, it would be a major visit, too. Have fun if you go to Northern Europe and visit Sweden!

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki is a small town with only 2 major things. One is the church made completely from rock. It's like a church in a cave. It's really cool and I would totally go to church there if I lived in Helsinki. The other is the town market located on the town square. People sell things from boats, there are tents full of goods, and the fish still have heads and tails! The fish looked and smelt reallly good, but I didn't eat them because of the head and tails. I bought a wolf shirt and a solid silver necklace that says Made in Finland on it. Then it poured rain and we went back on the ship, so I don't really have more to tell you. Sorry.

St. Petersburg, Russia

There is so much to see and do in St. Petersburg!! We took a 2-day tour and I don't think we even saw everything!! We went to the Hermatage, the Summer Palace, the Winter Palace, the Church of Spilt Blood, and Catherine's Palace. We also took a boat ride. There was so much to see and do it would take for-ev-er to write out! So just go visit St. Petersburg yourself! You'll have fun and see A LOT. But beware, there are over 40,000 tourists in most of the places listed above EACH DAY between May and August. 

Tallinn, Estonia

In Tallinn, we took a cab to the Olde Towne. We went in a church and to the market. There really is not much in Tallinn. We also climbed up a brick wall tower thing which was a waste of time. Its a pretty little town, but there isn't much to see or do. To me, it seemed like a smaller version of Russia. Everyone spoke Russian, too.


Germany was beautiful! Surprisingly, it was my favorite stop out of all the places our cruise went to. We docked in Warnemunde, and people could take either a train, bus, or cab into Berlin. We got our own car from Stix and drove into someplace that starts with an S. And it has that castle in the picture. I'm sooooo sorry I don't remember the name!
I still wasn't feeling well for Germany, but I had a great time! Germany was extreemly clean compared to all the other countries we had visited in the trip. It wasn't as crowed as other places and people were a lot friendlier. I would have thought them to be more rude, but they weren't. I also expected them to be tall and they were about the same size, if not shorter, than Americans. That sort of disappointed me. haha.
There were poppy fields all over the roadsides and my grandmother was obsessed with them!
My friend lived in Germany for about 3 years, and she told me that at 4 PM (16:00), everyone walked around naked. That is not true, so don't let that stop you from going! Back on the ship I heard of a few naked stories in Berlin, but not that everyone was naked!! Germany is beautiful and I strongly suggest going there.
Like with the elephants in Copenhagen, there are frogs to look for here! So don't forget to keep an eye open for these playful critters.

Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark. My sister was sick that day, and I wasn't feeling too good, so we didn't see or do much. We (my mom and me) did go ashore to Copenhagen and walked around for a bit.
We went to Tivoli Gardens, which normally costs, but since we are a travel agent we received a cOPENhagen card, which let us in for free. You could also purchase a cOPENhagen card at the Information Centre, just across the street from Tivoli. Tivoli Gardens is Copenhagen's version of a Six Flags, Hershey Park, Dutch Wonderland, or Jolly Rodgers. It's not very big. The rides and attratctions cost extra, the main gate fee is just to let you into the park and the cOPENhgen card only gets you in; it doesn't let you ride rides. The park opens at 11, though none of the food or bars open until 12, and few rides were running at 11. The rollercoaster was one that was working.
Tivoli Gardens is the main thing you must see in Copenhagen. Also be on the lookout for Elephants, little statues of them that is! They are everywhere to premote a new exibit at the Zoo, which I wish we went to.
Have fun on your trip to Copenhagen!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Dover, England

Dover, England is where my cruise departed from and returned to. Dover is most famous for its cliffs. The "White Cliffs of Dover" are truely remarkable and beautiful. In the picture above, you can see the white cliffs of Dover along with the Dover Castle above it. Dover is a small town and that is pretty much all there is to see, but there is also some cute little shops in the town along with a Dickens cafe. Its a nice place to visit. You can see France across the channel while in town on a clear day. I'd recommend if you are already going to England, especially London since its only about 2 hours away, you stop by for a visit, but if not, don't make a special trip to go.

Eurodam (Holland America Line)

The cruise that I took was the Eurodam. It is one of 15 "dam" ships that make up the Holland America Line. It is a very nice ship with tons of things to do so you'll never get bored. However, there are an extreemely lot of people from older generations on Holland America. That's not so bad, but it isn't so good either, since because of that the pools and  hot tubs close at 10 PM each night.
The Eurodam has 5 Hot Tubs and 2 Pools. It also has another pool in the spa. The spa has a salon, a free gym, a sauna, and a massage room. There are some specially reserved tents near the pool and on Deck 11 for some private times. Deck 7 is where the suites are and a special lounge for people with suites - there own place to hang out.
Kids can get out of their parents' hair and have a totally amazing time by going to Club HAL on Deck 10, and teens can go to the Loft (also on deck 10). I met some really amazing people there and had an awesome time. I strongly suggest if you are under 19 (ages from 3-18 in different age groups) that if you go on any HAL ship you go to the kids clubs.
I do love NCL, but Holland America was a pretty good ship too and really is up there on my top cruises.


The EuroStar is a train that goes to and from London, Paris, and Brussels. We took it from London to Paris.

It is much quicker and easier than waiting in line at an airport. You still have to go through customs and immigrations, but that is required anytime traveling in an out of a country and it was still much quicker with the EuroStar than it was at the airport. The EuroStar is also a lot cheaper than a plane ticket.

It goes really quick. To get to Paris from London it only took about 2 hours. You go under a tunnel when you cross the English Channel, which was really cool. I love tunnels! :D

I would definately recommend if you want to go to one of the three places from one of them (London, Paris, Belgium) that you take the EuroStar.

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Welcome to...

Hey guys. Its Princess Kate! Duh.
So, while Princess Tasha is touring the world this summer on her cruise, she isn't the only princess traveling out of the states.
Thats right. As I am typing this.. guess where I am? The tropical wonderland of Jamaica!
I wanted to write about it, and my adventures as I stay here. Its Sunday at 9:49 am here in Jamaica, and its already nearly ninety degrees. Its our second full day here, and already I've gone scuba diving in a ocean wonderland, swam in the clear blue water, and tried calamari.. also known as squid.
My family and I are staying at Beaches Boscobel, one of the many Beaches resorts here on the island. On Friday, my family and I got up at about five in the morning (EST), only to get at the local airport at around six, check our bags and go head first through security, and board the plane. After a grueling three hours and fifteen minutes on the 8:40am (EST) flight, we arrived in Jamaica at what I would call around eleven, or ten here in the Caribbean. All the way through customs and a short time locatikng our luggage, my family and I were sent away from Montego Bay to the two hour drive to get to Ochos Rios, were Beaches Boscobel is located. Though a beautiful country,  with its capitvating Blue Mountains and breath-taking scenery, it really hits you hard how poor this country is. Like I told my mother though, "Its like all the BEAUTY is covered by the UGLY."
The resort is amazing, very kid friendly. Here, Elmo and his buddies hang around, and there are plenty activities for all ages. You can go snorkeling (I think Im going today after having to miss out on another dive this morning, which totally sucked.. missing a dive!), Scuba diving, hang at the pool, or relax on the beach. I've even witnessed quite a few weddings going on here. 
Yesterday, it stormed, for like half an hour. We took our courses for diving, and when the diving trip itself was postponed, fifteen minutes later the sunshine was out and we were getting prepared to take a swim with the sharks, LITERALLY. While diving with around nine other divers, and our instructor, Graham, we traveled through the reefs, only to be about three or four yards from three different nurse sharks. While they may not have teeth, its pretty intimidating to walk, excuse me, swim near one. Piece of advice, just stay calm, keep breathing, and watch,don't touch. 
I'll keep you updated on more of my Jamaican posts this week, when I can get a chance. 

'Ight Man, 
Princess Kate (:   

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OP Bathing Suits

It's been such a long time princesses(princes too)! But, now that its summer, the worlds is ours again, and its time to pump up the party! Wow, did that sound so cheesy!
What is the one summer essential that all girls love? Bathing suits, swim suits, whatever you call them! We all end up going to the beach where I am, and this year, I'm jetting off to the Caribbean to Jamaica, and I will practically live on the beach for a whole week. (I'll be away that week, next Friday, June 24th to the first of July, but when I return, I'll make sure to post my travel journal!)

Ocean Pacific Women's Junior Swim Fixed Triangle Top, Pink, SmallToday, I'm going to review the bathing suits from OP, which are basic, cute, and sold all over. You can usually find a good selection at Wal-Mart. Who doesn't loive Wal-Mart.... Okay. My 8th grade History teacher does not count! OP, also known as Ocean Pacific keeps up with to date styles, and they even sell basic one-color pieces. They make bathing suits for all ages and sexes, which makes hem so great. 

One way to identify OP bathing suits is by finding the sewn on OP logo on the piece itself. It may be hard to spot, but you'll find it. (:
OP even sells accessories like flip-flops, cover-ups. So, now all you need to head to the beach is the sunblock, a cute umbrella, and a towel. Have Fun.

Shout out to Tasha! Have fun on Vacation!
Princess Kate.

Paris France

Still written on a Kindle. Another place on my journeys was Paris France. We onlystayed for a day coming in and out from th EuroStar. They are on te Euro and that is 1.5 american dlars. Since we were only there for a day so we didnt do lots but we took  tour wich  strongly reccommend you d if you ever visit along with a boat ride. We meet some nice peopl from Denver you can find friends anywhere and we also did theEffiel Tower. We only wentup to th second level but the view wa good nough. it was absoultley stunning. You can go to the top if you wat and if youre not scared of heights I reccommnd it. I liked Paris and im sue everyone wo visits will.

London England

As you probably know I am on vacation. BTW thats why there is no proper punctuation and why somethings are mispelled etc etc. I am writing this from a Kindle. Anywho one of my vacation spots is London. Londn is located in England in the United Kingdom.
London is full of shopping. Most is extreemely expensive and the only reasonable store Ive come accross is PrimeMart on Marble Arch one of the many places for shopping. Harrods is a majorly popular expesive and completely tadaish shop that has its own stop on the metro and buses. Th pound is equal to 1.6 US dollars.
If you are in London of course you must see Big Ben along with the Toer of London  London Bridge and theLondon Eye. I went on The London Eye and was terrified but honestly it wasnt that bad at all. I could feel it slightly movng though most cannot. It is a giant circle and yo arein  a little glass car so you can ee everything but are completely safe. It moves extreeml slow o you barely tellyou are moving. A spectaculr view and a great experience. In London you must also see St. Pauls cathedral and Westminstr Abbey though the only day yo get in for ffree is if you attend Sunday Service. You must also see the Changing of the Guards at Buckinham Palace where you might even see the Queen. Take a strll thru Hyde or Green Pak and ride a double decker bus. But dont use a phonebooh those stink.
I had a good time in London and  hope you willtoo.

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The Magnolia League

The Magnolia League (Magnolia League, #1)The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

 Let me first start off by saying that I now crave sweet tea and hoodoo doctors. Also, someone please tell me that this book is the first in a series!! I LOVED IT!!

OMG I could not imagine growing up on a commune and then being thrown to the wolves (or debutantes whatever you want to call them) of Savannah!!! Alexandra Lee (or Alex as she prefers) has done just that. Alex grew up on a commune in California but when she suffers a devastating loss she is uprooted and forced to move to Savannah to live with her grandmother Deborah Lee. Miss Lee (do not call her grandma) is the founder of the Magnolia League. An elite and extremely powerful club in Savannah Georgia. Alex doesn't want any part of it, and the ladies of the Magnolia don't want anything to do with Alex's dreads, vintage tees or poor manners. Alex constantly butts heads with Miss Lee especially when Miss Lee sets her up to be "trained" by Hayes and Madison, two younger MG's. Hayes tries to befriend Alex while Madison...well let's just say she could use some work on her social skills. They take Alex shopping and to a party at the Field, where Alex meets Hayes' brother Thaddeous.

Did I mention that Alex left a boyfriend named Reggie on the commune. I didn't well let me recap that real quick. Alex meets a guy at the commune named Reggie and she falls in love with him. He helps her deal with the loss that she endures before her move to Savannah. Reggie tells Alex that he feels her pain because he lost his girlfriend in a plane crash. Alex runs away from Savannah back to California where she meets a girl at on the bus ride. This isn't just any's Reggie's girlfriend...who he has been with since 11th grade. DOUCHEBAG!!!! Alex spills the beans of their romance and returns to Savannah.

So Alex returns to Savannah and starts to fall into step. She starts hanging with Hayes and Madison without complaining...that is until they take her out to the middle of nowhere and she soon learns the magic behind the infamous Magnolia League. She meets the Buzzards...HOODOO (not voodoo) specialist. Hoodoo is kinda like voodoo but isn''s kind of like a religion. You will have to read it to find out more!! Alex starts to go through changes...good changes. Her looks change: no dreads, no acne and she manages to lose 20 pounds in a week ( know). She starts to seeing Thaddeus and she enjoys the way she feels with him. It's nothing like what she had with Reggie. Things change for them though and not in a good way.

It's time for the Christmas ball (a.k.a. The Magnolia League ball) and Alex finds something out that completely rocks her world. She fights with her grandmother but realizes that Hayes and Madison are really her true friends. Things take a turn for the worse and this sends Alex on a mission that will save her mother.

Loved Magnolia League and I found out that this is book 1 of the Magnolia League series. Can't for book 2. Check out the spells at the end of book. Pretty awesome!! Enjoy this great summer read!!

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