Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Germany was beautiful! Surprisingly, it was my favorite stop out of all the places our cruise went to. We docked in Warnemunde, and people could take either a train, bus, or cab into Berlin. We got our own car from Stix and drove into someplace that starts with an S. And it has that castle in the picture. I'm sooooo sorry I don't remember the name!
I still wasn't feeling well for Germany, but I had a great time! Germany was extreemly clean compared to all the other countries we had visited in the trip. It wasn't as crowed as other places and people were a lot friendlier. I would have thought them to be more rude, but they weren't. I also expected them to be tall and they were about the same size, if not shorter, than Americans. That sort of disappointed me. haha.
There were poppy fields all over the roadsides and my grandmother was obsessed with them!
My friend lived in Germany for about 3 years, and she told me that at 4 PM (16:00), everyone walked around naked. That is not true, so don't let that stop you from going! Back on the ship I heard of a few naked stories in Berlin, but not that everyone was naked!! Germany is beautiful and I strongly suggest going there.
Like with the elephants in Copenhagen, there are frogs to look for here! So don't forget to keep an eye open for these playful critters.

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