Wednesday, June 15, 2011

London England

As you probably know I am on vacation. BTW thats why there is no proper punctuation and why somethings are mispelled etc etc. I am writing this from a Kindle. Anywho one of my vacation spots is London. Londn is located in England in the United Kingdom.
London is full of shopping. Most is extreemely expensive and the only reasonable store Ive come accross is PrimeMart on Marble Arch one of the many places for shopping. Harrods is a majorly popular expesive and completely tadaish shop that has its own stop on the metro and buses. Th pound is equal to 1.6 US dollars.
If you are in London of course you must see Big Ben along with the Toer of London  London Bridge and theLondon Eye. I went on The London Eye and was terrified but honestly it wasnt that bad at all. I could feel it slightly movng though most cannot. It is a giant circle and yo arein  a little glass car so you can ee everything but are completely safe. It moves extreeml slow o you barely tellyou are moving. A spectaculr view and a great experience. In London you must also see St. Pauls cathedral and Westminstr Abbey though the only day yo get in for ffree is if you attend Sunday Service. You must also see the Changing of the Guards at Buckinham Palace where you might even see the Queen. Take a strll thru Hyde or Green Pak and ride a double decker bus. But dont use a phonebooh those stink.
I had a good time in London and  hope you willtoo.


  1. So now everytime to see the "Eye" in pictures you can say you rode on it, even if you were very scared. Hope you understood their "English" english. Sometimes you have to listen real close to know what they are saying, right?

  2. haha yes
    and I did understand thier English :)