Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Philips Customer Design Headband Headphones

I absoultely love my Philips Headphones. They are just like a cheaper version (in price, not quality) of Dr. Dre's Beats Over Ear Headphones. They aren't Noise Canceling, but they are still amazing. They are definately High-Definition and make every sound sound, well, amazing! Its really cool how you can customize the designs over the earpieces as well. It comes with 4 designs - 2 for boys and 2 for girls, though anyone can use any of them and it wouldn't look wierd. But in the info packet, it tells you how you can make your own design - basically, you just need to cut whatever you want into a circle that will fit it, with a little piece cut out so it sits upright.
I strongly reccomend getting a pair of these if you listen to a lot of music. It's totally worth it, and you can get them anywhere (I got mine at WalMart!!)
Rock on! haha

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