Sunday, June 26, 2011

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Hey guys. Its Princess Kate! Duh.
So, while Princess Tasha is touring the world this summer on her cruise, she isn't the only princess traveling out of the states.
Thats right. As I am typing this.. guess where I am? The tropical wonderland of Jamaica!
I wanted to write about it, and my adventures as I stay here. Its Sunday at 9:49 am here in Jamaica, and its already nearly ninety degrees. Its our second full day here, and already I've gone scuba diving in a ocean wonderland, swam in the clear blue water, and tried calamari.. also known as squid.
My family and I are staying at Beaches Boscobel, one of the many Beaches resorts here on the island. On Friday, my family and I got up at about five in the morning (EST), only to get at the local airport at around six, check our bags and go head first through security, and board the plane. After a grueling three hours and fifteen minutes on the 8:40am (EST) flight, we arrived in Jamaica at what I would call around eleven, or ten here in the Caribbean. All the way through customs and a short time locatikng our luggage, my family and I were sent away from Montego Bay to the two hour drive to get to Ochos Rios, were Beaches Boscobel is located. Though a beautiful country,  with its capitvating Blue Mountains and breath-taking scenery, it really hits you hard how poor this country is. Like I told my mother though, "Its like all the BEAUTY is covered by the UGLY."
The resort is amazing, very kid friendly. Here, Elmo and his buddies hang around, and there are plenty activities for all ages. You can go snorkeling (I think Im going today after having to miss out on another dive this morning, which totally sucked.. missing a dive!), Scuba diving, hang at the pool, or relax on the beach. I've even witnessed quite a few weddings going on here. 
Yesterday, it stormed, for like half an hour. We took our courses for diving, and when the diving trip itself was postponed, fifteen minutes later the sunshine was out and we were getting prepared to take a swim with the sharks, LITERALLY. While diving with around nine other divers, and our instructor, Graham, we traveled through the reefs, only to be about three or four yards from three different nurse sharks. While they may not have teeth, its pretty intimidating to walk, excuse me, swim near one. Piece of advice, just stay calm, keep breathing, and watch,don't touch. 
I'll keep you updated on more of my Jamaican posts this week, when I can get a chance. 

'Ight Man, 
Princess Kate (:   

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