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Do you like youtube? Do you like to laugh? Then you'll LOVE TheComputerNerd01! He's a youtuber that is SO funny with his music parodies! I reccommend to all ages! Check him out today!

The Stormchasers

 Sorry it took so long for me to read! LOL

The Stormchasers by Jenna Blum is about Karena and her twin brother Charles, mostly. Charles has bipolar disorder and Karena wants to find him when he disappears. They haven't talked or seen each other in 20 years. Karena joins a Stormchasing group in hopes of finding him, for Charles loves to chase storms. Along the way, she falls in love with Kevin, a tourguide. A couple days after they find Charles, he goes manic and tells Kevin about the man they killed while chasing a storm when they turned 18. Kevin gets mad and Charles (when he goes back to himself) wants to tell the Sherriff. To find out what else happens, read the book. I'd reccomend it for 17 year olds and older, but be warned, some parts are extremely boring!

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Cheerleading Update

I didn't make it. :(

Cheerleading Updates

Like I said, keeping you update!
TRYOUTS ARE TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I don't make it, it'll be because of the dance. But I hope I do make it! I'll let you know when I get back!

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Deer Park Water

   I know it is odd of me to be reviewing a bottle of water. I got the idea from my cousin at Review Blog 101 when she reviewed Deer Park. It is said that all bottled water are the same. However, this is not true. Some water is all natural, straight from a stream, lake, giesur, or other natural water source, while other bottled water is filtered, processed, and chemicals are added and removed. With Deer Park, you don't have to worry about what they did because all they did was bottle water that is 100% nautral and already avaleible. The reason that I like Deer Park though, is because it uses 20% less plastic in it's bottles than the leading bottled water brand. That's what the Eco thing on its bottle means. So, not only is the water natural, the bottle is also helping out the envoirnment. What a great compant!

Mary Poppins on Broadway

Search for mary poppins broadway 
Today I went to see the broadway version of Mary Poppins. I loved the new songs, and the remix of Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! Did you know, there are only 15 different letters in supercalifragilisticexpialidocious? In the remix, they spell out the word. It is really quite atrocious! (Sorry, I know I spelt that wrong.) It was a very good play.
However, it was rather long, so I would not suggest the young ones go see it. You have to really be able to sit there for a while and watch it. But, you should see it.

Cheerleading Updates

Like I said in my August Update, I'm going to keep you updated with my cheerleading!

So, I didn't want to do it, because Amber hurt me and I didn't want to get hurt more. But Mommy made me go anyway and I liked it. Today was the last practice and MONDAY IS TRYOUTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eeek! I'm so excited and I really, really, wanna make the JV Sqaud (but if I made Varsity, I won't complain. LOL I just really wanna be on a team.) I'm going to practice ALL DAY tomorrow, so hopefully, I'll nail it.
I'll keep you posted if I make it or not. And if I don't, I don't want any "Aww, sorry" or anything. Just keep your mouth quiet if I don't make it. Or I'll get mad at you and that won't be good.

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Mary Balogh Interview

1) Why were you inspired to write about this theme?

Romances, do you mean? Or specifically historical romances set in Regency England? I write romance because I want to create stories that will both entertain and warm the hearts of my readers. I want them to see the power of love and to be able to relax in the knowledge that the book will ultimately end happily. I write Regencies because the Regency (1811-1820) was such a gloriously romantic period of English society. I write about the upper classes--and the sort of homes they lived in and the carriages they rode in and the clothes they wore are a dream to write about.

2) How do you come up with your ideas for writing your story?

That is the million dollar question, and the blunt answer is that I don't know! However, I do know that I was born with a powerful imagination. It is one of my gifts (we all have them). I told and wrote long stories from a very early age. I can always reach into my mind and pull out a story idea within a few minutes. Where that idea comes from is another matter--and I simply don't know. Sometimes I use the what-if questions to generate ideas--what if this type of man met this type of woman under this type of circumstance.

3) Are you planning to write any new books in the future?

I am always planning to write new books! I have just finished one--THE SECRET MISTRESS, a prequel to MORE THAN A MISTRESS (2000) and NO MAN'S MISTRESS (2001) and am already planning my next book, which will be about Gwen, Lady Muir, a character who has already appeared in a number of my books but has been begging for one of her own.

4) How old were you when you began to write stories?

Probably five or six. I know I won a prize for a lengthy story I wrote when I was ten. The prize was a box full of Cadbury chocolate bars. They might as well have been gold bars--this was not long after World War II in Britain, when such things as chocolate were still rationed.

5) Have you ever noticed any similarities between you and other authors?

There are many other authors of historical romance and of Regency-era romance. We all want to be unique, though, and ARE unique whether we want to be or not. We all have our own specific voice. I don't read romance, or very little of it anyway. One reason is that it is too much like what I do every day for a living to be entertaining to me. The other reason is that I don't want to be influenced by what other people are doing. I want to write my own stories my own way.

6) Of the books that you have written, which is your favorite?

It's a little like asking a mother who is her favorite child! However, I suppose there are some books that stand out in my mind as ones I like a little better than others. Some favorites are THE NOTORIOUS RAKE, LONGING, MORE THAN A MISTRESS, A SUMMER TO REMEMBER, SLIGHTLY DANGEROUS, SIMPLY LOVE, A SECRET AFFAIR. For the rest of today now I will be thinking of other books I ought to have added to that list!

7) What do you do on your spare time when you’re not writing?

I read. I knit. I sing--in a church choir and as a cantor (I sing the psalm in church as a solo). I clean house, I cook...

8) How long does it take you to write a book?

On average three or four months.

9) Can you describe your writing process on how to create a book (novel)?

I start with what I think is a firm idea for a plot and the two main characters. I don't waste time trying to flesh out either the basic idea or the characters--they always change anyway once I start writing. I am very disciplined in the sense that I write every day in the quiet environment of my study. Characters grow and plot develops as I write, and I must always feel emotionally involved in what I am writing. If I am not, if I am just going through the motions of advancing the plot, I know something is wrong, and I must stop and go back through everything to find out what it is. This is how characters grow and deepen and plot develops complexity and consistency.

10) What do you like reading on your spare time?

Mostly mysteries--I like Michael Connelly, Lee Child, Richard Stevenson, Reginald Hill, Ruth Rendell among others. I love all of Alexander McCall Smith's books and Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove and Blossom Street series. My rule of thumb is that I will read anything that can hold my interest through the first 50 pages.

     Search for mary balogh

Janice Hardy Interview

What books/authors have influenced your writing?

In a way, probably all of them, since reading in general helped me figure out the types of stories I wanted to tell, and how to put a novel together. But Harlan Ellison is my favorite writer, and every time I get stuck or feel uncreative I grab a book off the shelf and re-read some of his stories. They always get the juices flowing again because I just love his prose. I also love Dave Duncan's prose, and I have one of his books (The Gilded Chain) highlighted with notes in the margins because I studied it to figure out why his prose read so smoothly and how I could do that with mine.

What genre do you consider your book(s)?

Fantasy for sure, and I think most would put me squarely in the traditional fantasy category. Made up worlds, magic of some type (even if it's not the usual type).

Do you ever experience writer's block?

I get stuck, but I've never been blocked. I think that's because when I just flat out don't feel like writing I don't write. If I force myself to sit and the keyboard and work anyway, it only makes it worse. Some days the words come, some days they don't. I don't worry about it if it's an off day, though if I'm on deadline and have to get work done, then I might try to get into as best I can.

Do you write an outline before every book you write?

Yeppers, I'm a big fan of outlining. But I use a loose outline. I like to figure out my major plot points and act climaxes (I like to use the three act structure), then do a rough chapter by chapter summary to basically lay out the story. Some chapters I know what's going to happen, others I might have "Protag finds out the big secret" and I have no clue how that's going to happen. It changes as I write, and I update my outline as I go. I've found it's a good way for me to hash out those first ideas so the more original ideas can happen organically in the text itself. Like brainstorming on paper. I almost always know where my characters are going, but rarely how they'll get there. That keeps it fresh for me.

Have you ever hated something you wrote?

Oh sure. I've written some hideous scenes, and even hideous books. You never know if something will work on not until you try.

What is your favourite theme/genre to write about?

Fantasy is my favorite genre (or anything in the speculative genre) and I just had a conversation recently about a career theme. I was inspired by a wonderful workshop at this year's RWA conference that really got me thinking and looking at the types of stories I've told, and want to tell. I really love writing stories that explore the moral gray area of situations. There is no right or wrong, every choice had consequences, and characters have to muddle through and figure out what's best for them, knowing it'll be worst for someone else. You can learn a lot about a character by forcing them to make impossible choices.

What inspired you to write your first book?

Wow, I'm not sure. I was eight years old, and I did an illustrated four-book series called Dog City about dog archaeologists. I've always told stories and can't remember a time when I wasn't writing them down. My mother tells me I drew pictures and told stories about them as soon as I could talk. Eventually that love of storytelling led me to want to try and publish, so I got serious and started working hard on developing my craft and voice. Every book had its own inspiration, but the need to tell a story was always there.

Do you have a specific writing style?

Sure. I love to use a short sentences and fragments for dramatic emphasis, I have sentence rhythms I use that give the text a certain tone.I'm a fan of onomatopoeia and like to use sounds for surprise.

How did you come up with the title?

The original title for book one was actually The Pain Merchants, and that's how I sold the book. But booksellers were concerned about the word pain for the MG crowd. We (my editor, agent, and sales and marketing team) went through about 50 or 75 different titles trying to come up with something. The Shifter was one of them, which fits since it's what my protagonist, Nya, is called in the book. In contrast, book two, Blue Fire, was completely different. I had no title for a long time, but my editor asked me how I liked Blue Fire. I said it was intriguing, but had nothing to do with the book. She asked if I could make it have something to do with the book, and immediately an idea popped into my head. It turned out to inspire one of the coolest scenes in the book. Book three has been a mix of thought and random creative thinking, and we have a tentative title now, but I'm not sure if it'll stay that yet.

Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

I know I should say yes and have this wonderful and inspiring thing, but there really isn't. I just want to tell a great story and have readers walk away thinking "wow, that was cool" and keep thinking about it after it's over. There are things to ponder and larger issues and themes that could be taken as messages, but it's never intentional. It's just what my characters were doing or thinking and how the story panned out.


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As we all know, school is starting soon. At different times in different places Mine doesn't start until August 30th, but my friend, Tristan,'s started August 9th.
But the point is, I encourage everyone to attend school, and if they're out of school, to attend work. Don't do anything that could get you into trouble in work or school, because that's where you'll get the most of your life from. The things you learn in school will help you make more money in work. And with the economy today, we all could use the most out of the money we have.
So, attend school and work, play later. That means when you have school work, or work work to do, don't be sitting around playing on the computer, unless it's your job, and if it is, let me know, cause that'd be a pretty sweet job.

hilari bell interview

1) Do you ever write under a different name?

No, I don't write under any other names--and Hilari Bell is my real name, too. Mostly writers choose to write under another name when they're writing in very different genres and don't want to confuse their audience. Or when they've had a couple of books that didn't sell well, and have been forced to start their career over. So far (knock on wood for the second possibility) neither of those applies to me.

2) What are the benefits of being a published writer?

The first benefit is that even when it's work, it's work that's fun and fascinating and exhilarating. You're doing something you love, and every novel is challenging, and different, and you love them all. The second benefit, is that you can set your own schedule, go camping a ridiculous amount of the year (even if I often have to take work camping with me) sleep late...and did I mention set your own schedule? The third benefit is that when you're a writer you get to do way cool things for "research." The Tesala Roadster is a car that sells for over a hundred thousand dollars, and ordinarily someone in my income bracket would never get to take a test ride in one. But when I called the dealership and told them that I was a writer, and that the main character in my next book drove a Tesla, they invited me in and took me out for a test ride! It's the most amazingly cool car, and having ridden in one I had to change a couple of things in the early chapters of Traitor's Son, but now all the scenes that involve the Tesla (and there are lots of them) are a lot more convincing.

3) Who was your favorite author when you were young?

My favorite author when I was young was LLoyd Alexander--the Prydain books. They were the first non-picture books I ever read, and after I read them I spent the next couple of years with my body going to school in Denver but my heart living in Prydain. I wrote stories about the characters, drew pictures of them, and generally fell totally in love with reading and with fantasy. For life.

4) How important is it for writers to raise social, racial, and political issues in youth literature?

You know, I don't think it is important for writers to raise issues in what they write--or try to teach anyone anything. Writers are entertainers, first and foremost. But that said, you put a lot of time, effort and love into books, and if you don't write about something you care about they're likely to fall pretty flat. And if you do write about something you really care about, sometimes they catch fire.

5) What is a word of advice for students who do not like reading novels?

First, you don't have to be a reader to have a full and wonderful and productive life. You're not a bad person, just because you don't like to read. That said, reading, like pretty much anything else in life, is a matter of practice. The reason people who love reading love it so much is that they don't have to work at it--when they run their eyes over the words they actually hear a voice in their head, saying them. When you start hearing the author's voice talking in your head when you read, you've made it. And that's when books come alive for you.

frank asch interview old were you when you published your first book?
I was in my early twenties. I had not yet graduated from Cooper Union where I received a degree in painting. At the time it was just a way to earn a little money. Little did I suspect that it would become my life's work.

2.what are most of your books about?
That's a hard question to answer because I try to craft each story to stand on it's own. But in the broad stroke of the brush I guess you could say I'm exploring human nature. Human emotions, human situations, and in general the human condition. I often use animals as characters. But the stories are not about animals. I often use the moon as a metaphor for Beauty. But the stories are not about the moon per-se. I think in some of my best stories I attempt to touch upon the same kind of basic truths that Asop explored in his fables.

3.what age groups do you write for?
I write mostly for 3 to 5 year olds who are too young to read. But I'm also aware of the fact that adults are reading my stories and I try to write for them also. Some of my longer books are for 10 year olds.

4.who is your favorite author?
I can't really answer that question. But Jack London and James Thurber come to mind.

5.what are your favorite books?
I love books that suck me into their world and make me sad when it's time to put them down.

thank you

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What's Going On - August Updates

Blog Updates Already Made:
We have been working on many things here lately! Like our new background, and new sidebar items like SocialVibe, Anniversary Countdown, Currently Reading, and Check These Out. We hope you will do Social Vibe and help a good cause for free and check out the amazing blogs in the Check These Out section.
We also have our first giveaway underway, the Signed Swagg Giveaway where all you need to do is email me the order in which you want the prizes.
Another great thing we've included this month is Blogfest!!!!! It's not until October, but we are officially entered and ready to roll!

Blog Updates Not Yet Made:
In the next month or so until the next update, we plan on having two more contests which you can check out on the contest page. The Summer Belongs To You is a contest where you will be required to draw Phineas, Ferb, and Isabella anywhere in the world. We have 3 prize categories and prizes are yet to be announced. The Back To School Contest will be a contest where we get ready to go back to school. I haven't decided yet what it will be, but it will most likely be a scavenger hunt where you look for school things on this site and tell me where you found them.
Blogfest is October 10-12, 2010. We will have a giveaway for that. There will also be many other awesome blogs to see then as well. So check back for more information on Blogfest.
And of course, we will have TONS more reviews and interviews!

For Tasha:
My school starts August 30th!!!!!! I will be a Freshman (9th) grader! I'm probably going to have a lot of homework, which I might or might not update on this. Until school does start, I have to read 2 classics on a list they gave me - To Kill A Mockingbird is one, the other I must still read - and 1 book of my choice. As you can see, I have read more than 1 extra book. It will be very hard to choose which one I do my report on, so I was asking if you could please pick one from my site that you think I did a really nice job of reviewing and email me (if the link doesn't work, leave me a comment and let me know) which one you think is best, or just leave a comment either here or below it. I'd really appreciate you helping me pick one! Thank you!
For Amber:
Amber's school also starts on the 30th. Amber is a 6th grader this year. Her first year of middle school starts now, haha. She must read 3 or 5, I'm not sure which, books on a list her school handed out. She hasn't read any. But as soon as she does, I'll have her post the reviews!

In My Life:
For Tasha:
I'm trying out for cheerleading this year! I have rehersals, or whatever they call it in cheerleading, August 13th and 14th. Also on the 14th I have Mary Poppins tickets, which I will be attending with a tea afterwards. Then on the 16th I have all-day cheerleading try-outs. If I don't make it, I'll be fine, I'll just audition for whatever play our school will be putting on in the fall. I'll let you know if I make it. If I do make it, then on the 17th I have our first offical practice with uniform fittings afterward. The on the 20th and 21st, I'm supposed to be at cheer camp if I make it, but I'm also supposed to be in New Jersey from the 20th to the 22nd. Not sure how that's going to work out. Then, I want to go from New Jersey to Teen Vogue's Haute Spot later the 22nd, but I'm still trying to convince my mom of that. On the 28th, I'm going to Newark, DE, for Shop Til You Rock which I am so excited about! I'm also trying to get my room redone, which I was promised would happen, but so far, nothing has happened. Still waiting to be allowed a Facebook too.....
I have recieved plenty of books in the mail, along with the books I bought prier to recieving them, that I'll be set for a while on reviewing books for all of you, so don't worry.
Added 5/12 - Scratch all the cheerleading mumbojumbo. I'm not even gonna try out now cause Amber hurt my tooth. I hate her so much..
For Amber:
She's going to Mary Poppins on the 14th, too, with the tea afterwards. Her birthday is August 19th! She'll be turning 11!!!! You can wish her a Happy Birthday here, or email her at

Katelyn M - August 5
Sarah C - August 9
Amanda N - August 9
Elizabeth D - August 17
Amber H - August 19
Caitlyn P - August 24
***If you want your birthday up here for your birthday month, leave me a comment or email me at ****
Retro Review Zone is off to a wonderful start in his blogging career! And ReviewBlog101 is doing well too! Keep up the good work, guys!
nothing that we know of. If you have something you want to go here, let us know at

Anything Else:
Nada. Let me know if you have any suggestions about what else you want to see here. And please, leave a comment on how you thought this was. Was it too long? Was it helpful to know stuff? What did you think? Leave us a comment and let us know here!


Each month on the 15th (except this month it will be later today or tomorrow) or whenever I can closest to then, I will be posting updates to this blog.
The updates will be about what was updated with the blog, what will be update, what's going on in my life, schoolwork that I have to do, friends, etc. It's just to let you guys, the fans, know what's going on so it can be more personal then just someone talking on a computer. And if for somereason I'm not posting a lot, you'll know why.
So, yeah. Just look forward to it all.

Signed Swagg Giveaway!!!!!

Check out the Giveaways and Contests page for information on how to enter our Signed Swagg Giveaway, now open!

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Bats at the Ballgame

i don't like baseball, but i did like this book. brian lies is the best illustrator i ever saw in a book and i liked how the book was written in poems. i also really liked that he knew what he was talking about and seemed to know a lot about bats and baseball. i would have dads read this to thier sons. i also really really like that some of the money goes to bat conservation international when u buy the book.
so daddys go buy this book to read to your son.

Social Vibe

I was looking through the things you can put in your sidebars today, and I found Social Vibe.
Social Vibe is a great thing that's free to put up and free to do, and it helps your chairties. How? Well, you're favorite brands put up things like surveys, or they just see you wanting to help, and they donate money to the chairty of your choice.
There are TONS of chairtys, which is why, each month I'm going to change the chairty the one on here is for. Please help out. Like I said, it's free to help, and it's for a good cause.
Another way you can help is by putting the Social Vibe widget on your site. Just go to Design, then click on an empty spot. When the thing listing all of the sidebars come up, search Social Vibe. Then pick your charity and click save. Whenever people see your blog, they should click on it and try to help out.
Thank you.

Nancy Drew Mystery Series!

Search for Nancy Drew
(Yes, ALL those are Nancy Drew Books!)

From the orginial series, Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, to the Nancy Drew Notebooks and Nancy Drew Files, to the newer verisons, to even newer Nancy Drew series, not to mention a Nancy Drew Movie, you will NEVER get bored reading Nancy Drew, and I'm pretty sure you never read them all, and probably can't read them all.
Before I made this post, I've read about 30 out of the 61 or howevermany there are now, of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, along with several of the Nancy Drew Notebooks and Nancy Drew Files. But I never even knew about all these new Nancy Drew series and books and stuff, and I know now that there is no way I could ever read all of them! Which is great, becuase it means they'll always be another Nancy Drew to read when I run out of a book to read. It'll be a sad, sad day when there are no more Nancy Drew's.
I reccommend this to ALL mystery lovers! Carolyn Keene writes excellent stories, and I'm sure the new ones, if they aren't written by her, will be just as wonderfull. Well, maybe not just as wonderfull, but pretty close.
If you like Nancy Drew's, The Hardy Boys by Franklin Dixon is a boy-version of Nancy Drew, so be sure to check those out as well.

Thanks, and Happy Reading!


(These are only the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories, not even the other Nancy Drew series. I know, right. That's a lot.)

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Sarah Prineas Interview

1.What inspired you to write The Magic Thief?

I've loved fantasy for a long time and wanted to write a book that had all my favorite fantasy things in it: magic, adventure, wizards, peril, dragons, and...biscuits.

2.How did you start writing?

Some writers start when they're young, but I didn't start until my son was born and he was a baby and I was bored. I started writing fantasy stories, and then novels. That was about ten years ago!

3.What was your favorite part of The Magic Thief: Found?

The moment where Conn finds his locus magicalicus (the stone he needs to do magic) and then...something happens to it (I'm not telling what, because it's a spoiler).

4.What was the hardest part to write in The Magic Thief: Lost?

In some ways, the whole book was hard to write because it's the second book in a trilogy. It had to connect the first and third books and yet stand on its own as a good story. The hardest scene to write was after Conn has blown up his home in a pyrotechnic magic experiment and has to flee the city.

5.What do you wish was different about The Magic Thief?

I wish I'd tightened up the beginning just a little, to get the big story about the attack on the city's magic started sooner. Otherwise I'm pretty happy with it.

6.What are your favorite authors/books?

I'm a big fan of JRR Tolkien, who wrote The Lord of the Rings, and of Laura Ingalls Wilder. My favorite new writers are Ingrid Law, whose book Savvy won a Newbery award, and Greg van Eekhout, whose book Kid vs Squid is a hilarious adventure.

7.If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

I'd want to have dinner with JRR Tolkien and have a long talk with him about fantasy and how it works to transport readers to other places.

8.If you couldn't be an author, what would you be?

I would be a college professor teaching English literature.

9.Tell us a bit about The Magic Thief: Found?

Sure, I'm glad to! The Magic Thief: Found is the third book in a series. The thief-wizard Conn is trying to find a new locus magicalicus while hiding from the guards who want to throw him out of Wellmet, his city. At the same time, he knows the dread magic, Arhionvar, is readying an attack on Wellmet. Finally he tries a magical finding spell that leads him out of the city, to his locus stone and into further peril and adventures! Also, there are dragons.

10. How many books do you plan on having in the Magic Thief series?

So far I've written four books, but I haven't heard yet from my editor if and when the fourth book, which is called Chimney Swifts, will be published. My next book is a fantasy novel, but not a Magic Thief book. It's about a girl named Fer (short for Jennifer) who goes through a "Way" from our world into a world of magic, danger, and adventure. She has to deal with an evil usurper crow-woman, and she is helped by a tricksy puck named Spook and a horse named Phouka.

If you want to know more about the Magic Thief books:

For more about me:


Retro Review Zone!!!!

An awesome, awesome site, I want all of you to check out Retro Review Zone ( ) and follow it!
They review things, like a lot of blogs and sites, except most of the things they review is Retro things!
Anyway, ya'll should check it out in your freetime!

Hannah Montana Forever

It's sad to think there won't always be new episodes of Hannah Montana. That is why Hannah Montana Forever, the new season of Hannah Momtana is a must-see for all Hannah fans. Living in thier cool new house, Miley and Lilly, along with Jackson and his new gf, go through senior year together, ending the Hannah Montana seasons.
It was a good 5 years, but Miley quit back in November, and all good things must come to an end sometime.
 Search for Hannah Montana DVD 
Search for Hannah Montana

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To Kill A Mockingbird

Search for To Kill A Mockingbird
A classic, To Kill a Mockingbird is on everyone's list of school must-reads.
Scout, her brother, and their friend, try to get Boo to come out of his house while Atticus is busy with a case. Tom Robinson, a black man, is accused of beating and rapeing Mayella Ewell, a white girl. He looses the trial and gets killed trying to escape. Bob Ewell, Mayella's dad, swears he'll get revenge. While Scout is coming back from a Halloween pagent at school, Mr. Ewell comes behind her and her brother and try to kill them. Boo pushes him away and he falls and lands on his knife, killing himself.
I recommend for English teachers.

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Blogfest Badges Instead of the FreeKibble dog found to the left <-------- (sorry kibble), I will be having a blogfest Badge found on each post instead until BlogFest is over/ They can be found here: but these are the ones I like best and would like you all to vote for. You will be voting for which one you want to see on all your posts. Vote by leaving a comment with the number of the badge. Thank you!




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BLOGFEST 2010!!!!!!

The following is found on and I did not write it up myself!!!!!


BlogFest 2010 is right around the corner! Okay, well, it's really about four months away, but that's relatively right around the corner!

Get ready to have a blast September 10-12, 2010!

Looking for increased traffic to your blog? Want to get out and meet some fellow bloggers? Come join us for this twice a year event as we celebrate each other!

What is it?

BlogFest is a blog run of sorts. A list of participating blogs will be provided on September 10, each offering a fantastic giveaway for readers to enter. Each blog will link to another, pulling readers through the fantastic party we'll have set up for them!

How do I participate?

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JBP - Junior Beach Patrol

I'd reccomend anyone who wants to be a Beach Patrol (beach lifegaurd) to take Junior Beach Patrol. (The picture is Ocean City, but it is everywhere.) I would also suggest that they start early, so when they reach 15, they can be an instructor for 2 years, then an actual Beach Patrol when they turn 17. (That's how it is in OC - don't blame me if it's a bit different that where you are.)
You do many fun activities that help you become prepared to be a Beach Patrol. It's sorta like "training". Actually, that's exactly what it is. Comepetiton, pictures, graduation, field trips, running, swimming, rescuing, learning, and SO much more, are some of the wonderful training that will help you.
There are 3 main levels, then Crew Chief for level 4, then, if you're 15, you can be an instuctor until you are 17. Even when you are Beach Patrol, you can still help be an instuctor or at least voulnteer for a day or so. Or do nothing.

Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie

A heartwarming tale of wizards, Alex, Justin, and Max Russo, former wizard father, Jerry Russo, and mortal mother, Teresa Russo, your favortie Wizards of Waverly Place characters, along with some new ones, come together to help Alex undo her biggest mistake yet.
When Alex wishes her parents have never met, she and Justin must find the Stone of Dreams, which is very dangerous, and few have come out alive. While leaving Max to look after thier parents to make sure they don't meet someone new, Alex and Justin share some touching brother-sister moments along the way.
Just as they reach the Stone, Geisel (the parrot) swoops down and steals it. With time runiing out and Max already disappearing, Alex and Justin must do the Wizard Competition, a duel for all Wizard power, now. To find out what happens next, watch Wizards of Waverly Place the Movie! Reccomended by me to kids 5-14.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


ALL NEW VAMPIRE DIARIES starts September 9th on the CW Channel!
I hope you all get to watch the new season, I know I will!

Phoebe in Wonderland

A movie about a girl and her mom overcoming Phoebe (the girl) being diagnosed with Terets Syndrom while being obssessed with Alice in Wonderland. She tries out for the school play - cosidentally being Alice in Wonderland. Alice, the Red Queen, and all your favorite traditional Alice in Wonderland characters come together to talk to Phoebe in her times of distress. When they don't give much help, sometimes getting her into more trouble by having her say unpleasant things, she doesn't do the best of things and gets into trouble, not only for herself, but for her most beloved teacher as well.
When the theater teacher gets fired, Phoebe convinces everyone to carry on with the show and it turns out wonderfully.
A good tale, of a great heart, I'd suggest 9-17 year olds everywhere watch Phoebe in Wonderland, which you can check out in a library, movie store, WalMart, or where ever you get DVDs, near you!

Possessed by Kate Cann

Though at first I found Possessed to be quite boring, later I found out it was accutally quite a good book with a mystery tied-in that I hadn't noticed before.
I truly liked and appreciated the fact that I was just guessing what would happened after or as Rayne was figuring it out. Ususally I know what's going to happen way beforehand and that was a nice surprise.
Bored of living in east London, Rayne takes a job in Morton's Keep, up near the border of Whales, to get away from her obssessivly controling boyfriend, Damian, her mom, and needy little brother Jelly. She meets St.John and goes out with him, finding out later what no good he really is, with the help of Ethan Sands. (I totally like Ethan better from the begining anyway :))
Check it out in a book store near you.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Do you have a sister? I do. She is annoying! How do you get your sister to be less annoying? Tell me your stories here!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Check out Forget-Her-Nots at a book store near you. You can check out the author, Amy Brecount White, at . E-mail her and you just might get some signed swagga.
Happy Reading!

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Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror by Jennifer Finney Boylan

Definatly one of the best books of the summer, Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror is a terrific book for any agegroup. Don't let it's 486 pages scare you, or the monsters at the Academy for Monsters, or the Gaurdians who hunt these monsters. Just open the book, and from the first page, you'll be hooked.
Falcon doesn't fit in anywhere. Not in the human world, not at the monster academy, and not with the guardians. As he learns to find his place, he makes some wonderful friends as well.
Falcon, Megan, Max, Jonny, and Pearl will take you on a journey you're not soon going to forget.
Buy Falcon Quinn and the Black Mirror, the first of the Falcon Quinn books, at a bookstore near you!
I can't wait for another one in the series to come out!
Keep Reading,

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

The movie, The Lighting Thief is a must-see for all people 12 and up. The tons of special effects just make it more worth-while to see.
On a quest to save his mom, Percy Jackson, son of Pesidan, and his friends, daughter of Athens and his gaurdian, go on search for the 3 pearls that will take them to the underworld. It is there they resuce his mom and go to Olympus. But, Luke wants to keep the lighting away from Zeus and to find out what happens from there, you'll just have to watch Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lighting Thief!
On DVD and BluRay

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