Thursday, August 12, 2010

frank asch interview old were you when you published your first book?
I was in my early twenties. I had not yet graduated from Cooper Union where I received a degree in painting. At the time it was just a way to earn a little money. Little did I suspect that it would become my life's work.

2.what are most of your books about?
That's a hard question to answer because I try to craft each story to stand on it's own. But in the broad stroke of the brush I guess you could say I'm exploring human nature. Human emotions, human situations, and in general the human condition. I often use animals as characters. But the stories are not about animals. I often use the moon as a metaphor for Beauty. But the stories are not about the moon per-se. I think in some of my best stories I attempt to touch upon the same kind of basic truths that Asop explored in his fables.

3.what age groups do you write for?
I write mostly for 3 to 5 year olds who are too young to read. But I'm also aware of the fact that adults are reading my stories and I try to write for them also. Some of my longer books are for 10 year olds.

4.who is your favorite author?
I can't really answer that question. But Jack London and James Thurber come to mind.

5.what are your favorite books?
I love books that suck me into their world and make me sad when it's time to put them down.

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