Thursday, August 5, 2010

Possessed by Kate Cann

Though at first I found Possessed to be quite boring, later I found out it was accutally quite a good book with a mystery tied-in that I hadn't noticed before.
I truly liked and appreciated the fact that I was just guessing what would happened after or as Rayne was figuring it out. Ususally I know what's going to happen way beforehand and that was a nice surprise.
Bored of living in east London, Rayne takes a job in Morton's Keep, up near the border of Whales, to get away from her obssessivly controling boyfriend, Damian, her mom, and needy little brother Jelly. She meets St.John and goes out with him, finding out later what no good he really is, with the help of Ethan Sands. (I totally like Ethan better from the begining anyway :))
Check it out in a book store near you.

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