Friday, August 6, 2010

JBP - Junior Beach Patrol

I'd reccomend anyone who wants to be a Beach Patrol (beach lifegaurd) to take Junior Beach Patrol. (The picture is Ocean City, but it is everywhere.) I would also suggest that they start early, so when they reach 15, they can be an instructor for 2 years, then an actual Beach Patrol when they turn 17. (That's how it is in OC - don't blame me if it's a bit different that where you are.)
You do many fun activities that help you become prepared to be a Beach Patrol. It's sorta like "training". Actually, that's exactly what it is. Comepetiton, pictures, graduation, field trips, running, swimming, rescuing, learning, and SO much more, are some of the wonderful training that will help you.
There are 3 main levels, then Crew Chief for level 4, then, if you're 15, you can be an instuctor until you are 17. Even when you are Beach Patrol, you can still help be an instuctor or at least voulnteer for a day or so. Or do nothing.

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