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Sparkle's Song

Sparkle's Song

Samantha Hale

Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Hbk & PbK


Publication Date:
Feb 2012


About the Author: (Press Release Packet)

American author, Samantha Hale, is
a film maker, who directed ‘Map
the Music’ about the power music
has in everyday life.

Summary: (Press Release Packet)

Sparkle’s life feels empty without music, so
when she hears music coming from the
forest she cannot help but follow it.

Sparkle is sent to live with her Aunt Mildred in the middle
of nowhere. Sparkle’s radio is banned from the house.
One day whilst playing outside Sparkle hears beautiful
music coming from the forest. She goes in search of it but
soon finds herself lost amongst the trees.
She meets a songbird and a group of talking instruments,
where she learns why her aunt has banned music.
She returns home and persuades her Aunt to play the
piano with her.

I'd Recommend to...
Parents to read as a bedtime story

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Sparkle is sent to live with her Aunt when her parents die. Her aunt doesn't want to hear any music because it reminds her of Sparkle's mother. Instruments in the woods start to play music. Sparkle hears and follows them. They play together and become friends. Sparkle tells her Aunt about them and they go to play together.
This is a cute children's book that could quickly become a famous nighttime story book. It's a cute story and I love how much Sparkle loves music and how the trees are dancing.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


"How could it be possible for them to burn people, children, and for the world to keep silent?" (Wiesel 41). This quote best explains Wiesel's main theme, the theme being that we live in a very cruel, harsh world. Seeing the children being thrown into the flames was Elie's first traumatic sighting. It was the first horrific thing that started his realization of how crude the world can be. Later, he sees people being hanged, even a little boy-child. People get sick. People get badly beaten and whipped - including him - and people die. Starvation is a big issue since the Jews are barely getting enough food to live. Elie lives with this for 11 months in concentration camps. 11 months is almost a year. No one comes to help or save them in all that time. The world can be very mean, unfair, and horrific at times.
Elie starts off the books as a very religious Jew, extremely devoted to God. He even wants to study and learn the Cabbala. When he first arrives at the concentration camp, he can't believe his eyes. In that first night at Birkenau, he starts to loose his faith. "Never shall I forget those moments which murdered my God and my soul and turned my dreams to dust" (Wiesel 43). He had witnessed traumatizing events, such as the burning of babies and children. Officers shot old men, along with anyone else they wanted/were told to. Strong Jewish men were forced to put people - living people - in a crematory, even their fathers, like Bela Katz had. At Buna, things just got worse. People were hanged and beaten. They barely got enough food to live. People were always dying. Elie's faith in God continued to shrink and disappear. With the terrible things he was seeing, who could blame him?
It is possible for one person, just one person, of integrity to make a difference. That difference can sometimes be a difference of life or death. If someone sincere, that has good morals and is honest, they can pass on that sincerity to someone else, who will also pass it on. Like one drop of water into the ocean can create a ripple, where that ripple them becomes a wave, if one person is sincere, they can soon create a tidal wave of sincere people. Sincere people don't kill people, so it would save lives. Honesty would also spread, like a wildfire. The truth would be out so people can take action to save others. People of integrity can make a difference and all change starts with a person.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next To Nothing

When I first heard Next to Nothing, I immediately thought of Fall Out Boy. When I got home, I YouTubed Fall Out Boy to make sure I wasn't thinking of another band. I wasn't. Next to Nothing sounds really similar to Fall Out Boy, so if you like Fall Out Boy or their type of music, you should definitely check out Next to Nothing!! Also, if you're a fan of the All American Rejects, you might want to check them out. Actually, you should check them out even if  you hate Fall Out Boy or the All American Rejects or if you hate music in general because I'm pretty sure there is no way you can hate Next to Nothing!!
I listened to them once and now I can't stop! You'll be hooked soon!
Next to Nothing is a band from Smithsburg, MD, and so far the only CD they have out is their demo, and you need to know them or go to a show to buy it. It's $2. But I'm sure if you go to their facebook and ask for one and send them the $2 (maybe a bit more for S&H) they'll gladly send you one!!
Their next show is tomorrow (January 26, 2012) at the Smithburg Fire Hall at 6PM along with several other bands! If you live anywhere near there, you should go!!
Check out their facebook by clicking on this link! 

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Nightlight: A Parody
by The Harvard Lampoon

Summary (from Goodreads)
About three things I am absolutely certain. 

First, Edwart was most likely my soul mate, maybe. 
Second, there was a vampire part of him--which I assumed was wildly out of his control--that wanted me dead. 
And third, I unconditionally, irrevocably, impenetrably, heterogeneously, gynecologically, and disreputably wished he had kissed me. 

Pale and klutzy, Belle Goose arrives in Switchblade, Oregon, looking for adventuree, or at least an undead classmate. She soon discovers Edwart, a super-hot computer nerd with zero interest in girls. After witnessing a number of strang events--Edwart leaves his Tater Tots untouched at lunch! Edwart saves her from a flying snowball!--Belle has a dramatic revelation: Edwart is a vampire. But how can she convine Edwart to bite her and transform her into his eternal bride, escecially when he seems to find girls so repulsive?

My Rating: 4.8/5

My Review 
Nightlight was seriously funny, there’s no doubt about it. Just so you didn’t get the message from its cover, Nightlight is sort of a parody of the Twilight saga – in book form. What’s great about it is that it wasn’t a word for another funny word book. It’s funny in its own unique and original way, but you can still see a hint of Twilight in its core.

The only problem Nightlight has with their readers is the readers themselves. I’m not so sure which audience the book is trying to appeal to. I mean, Twilight fans definitely wouldn’t spend their money on something that’s insulting the book they love. Twilight haters couldn’t possibly bear with another book that is somehow related to Twilight. All that’s left is the older readers and believe me, most of them did not show the book mercy at all on Goodreads.

Personally, I think it was awesome… and random. It doesn’t depend on juvenile or overused jokes to keep the book alive and hilarious.

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Mickey Mouse Hair Clip and Pendant

This is a set which includes the hair burette and pendant. On a blue background, on both, is the classic, world-known figure of Mickey Mouse’s head, and Minnie Mouse’s head is right alongside it. They are so cute! My grandmother that lives in Florida used to work at Disney, so for Christmas and/or our birthdays, she would send cutesy things like these to us. It reminds me of good times and they are adorable enough to wear anywhere without being ashamed or thinking people might take you as someone who is overly obsessed with Disney. This set would make the perfect gift for anyone (well, mostly girls!) who loves Disney or has that inner child just waiting for a chance to break free, even for one last time.

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Kyle Adams Interview

I got the chance to interview YouTube sensation, Kyle Adams! Here's the interview! I hope you like it and don't forget to check out his YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter!

PrincessReviews's Tasha Nicole, Kyle Adams
1.Have you always wanted to be a singer?
 Yes, for as long as i can remember i have wanted to be a singer, except when i was really little i wanted to be the president lol
2.Who is your role model?
 My role model would probably be my mom just because she has always shown me to never give up and that i can do anything.
3.If you could duet with any famous person, who would it be and why?
 I would say Jo Dee Messina because i think she is great .. and i would sound good with her. 
4.Do you prefer classic blue jeans or some funky color jeans?
 I like my blue jeans with some style not just plain farmer blue jeans lol but you wont catch me out in lime green jeans or anything...
5.Where are you from?
 Im from Hillsboro, Missouri its a small town of about 2,000 people outside of St. Louis
6.Do you just do covers or do you have some original songs?
 No i write a lot of song i have 2 originals up right now on YouTube more to come(:
7.If you could perform anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?
 If i could perform any where in the world i would say the Grand Ole Opry because that is the country super stage.
8.How old are you?
 I am 18 turned 18 Nov. 26th
9.What's your favorite food?
 My favorite food is mexican food.. i LOVE mexican food lol
10. Thanks! Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Thank you all for supporting me it means a lolt to me i love you all and dont forget to follow me @TheKyleAdamsHD (: Thank you

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Pappadeaux Seafood Kitchen Review

My husband took me out to dinner for my birthday without the kids. Someone at his job recommended it so we thought we would try it out. We drove about an hour plus to get there. We live south of Atlanta and all 3 restaurants in our area are north of Atlanta: Norcross, Marietta and Alpharetta. We went to the one in Norcross.

It was right off of I-85 and was easy to find. Great!
The outside was beautiful. I am sure it would have looked even better during the summer. There were tables outside, tropical plants, ceiling fans, and a pretty fountain in the middle of a courtyard before you get to the front door. It was a pretty big place.

It was not that crowded for a Wednesday night, but it was by no means empty. Inside was darkened a bit for ambience I suppose. The tables were not too close together and there was a bar as well. We were seated right away and our server was there within minutes. She was very polite and quick. I asked what I should try because I had never been there before and of course she recommends everything on the $20+ per entree list called the Chef Selections.

My husband ordered the Texas Redfish Pontchartrain with "Pan-broiled redfish with crabmeat & shrimp in a brown-butter wine sauce, with dirty rice". I had the Big Bay Platter with "Grilled shrimp, Caribbean lobster tail & shrimp montage, with fresh green beans & dirty rice". Most of the entrees come with dirty rice. We also ordered an appetizer: Lump Crab & Spinach Dip with garlic bread. I also had a Caesar salad that was not much to talk about.

The appetizer was good. They give you two pieces of garlic bread. I guess so you won't eat too much.
The food came out in a good amount of time. I'm not much of a lobster eater, but hey, it was my birthday. It tasted ok to me. I ended up giving the rest to my husband. He said it was delicious! The shrimp was tender enough and the green beans and rice were seasoned just right.

We didn't have a dessert.

Overall, it was a nice experience. Would I go back? Maybe. I'm not a seafood person. My husband enjoyed it more than I did. He said he got his "seafood fix" for a while. Apparently, the seafood is flown in fresh daily.

This restaurant has linen napkins, but provides plastic straws with your drinks so it's more dress casual. I did see people wearing jeans. But all the servers are in black slacks, white shirts.

Location: 3/5 because I had to drive so far, but it was still right off the highway.
Ambience: 4/5 because it reminded me of those restaurants in the all-inclusive resorts, where they spend the money to make it look nice enough for you to come back to and recommend to your friends.
Food: 4/5 because it was seasoned and cooked well.
Service: 5/5 because we were listened to and not hurried with our order, the food came out in a reasonable amount of time and hot, and the server was polite.
Overall: 4/5 stars.

The location we went to was:
5635 Jimmy Carter Blvd. Norcross, GA 30071 (770) 849-0600

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Book Review: Legon Awakening

Legon Awakening by Nicholas Taylor.

I received this as a free kindle download. This is the story of Legon and his sister Sasha who are forced from their small mountain village into a world of magic and dragons.

I would not recommend this to readers with weak stomachs because of the detailed violence. People are not just killed, their demise is medically detailed with amounts of blood and which tendons are involved. It sounded slightly clinical in the details. Like someone who had medical training wrote those parts.

That said, the world is well thought out and the author knows it well. Although I didn’t need to know every little detail as sometimes described relating to the mechanics of some of the magic.

The characters’ language was a bit too modern. There was too much modern slang in it and made the story sometimes sound foolish. The language was easy to follow but like one reviewer said, why were they “fist bumping” with elves and calling themselves “hot” when they had on nice clothes in a fantasy. It just seemed out of place especially after what some of these characters went through.

For these reasons it was hard to immerse myself in the story of this world. Was this a distant future or a completely new and fantasy world?

I gave it three stars because of the world built and story potential. The characters were funny sometimes but really not individuals. We knew what everyone was thinking and they pretty much sounded all the same. And when there could have been potential for a character to really stand out, it didn’t happen.

This is a series and I’m not sure of the outcome. I’m not sure the author knows either. Our hero Legon has no idea what he’s destined to do and neither does the reader. Sometimes you have an inkling of where the story will lead, but in this first book of the series I was not made to care enough about Legon to find out his purpose.

Great imagination. Just like Keither there just needs to be a little more writing practice and training to reach the full potential.

I gave this book a 3 out of 5 stars.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Green/Gold and Red Lip Gloss

Buy it here! 
SALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip GlossSALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip GlossSALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip Gloss

Official Shop Description:
Have you ever seen the movie Snow White?
This unique lip gloss with green/gold in the bottom and a bright red on top is great for Halloween or dressing up, or just when you want something to make a statement. This item will leave you with green/gold lips after your done with the red.
This lip gloss is not just for looks, while you are out there making your daily fashion statement all of the rich beautiful butters are working on softening, moisturizing and shining your lips. So even after the gloss is off you look great.
Flavored with the natural coffee butter and lightly sweetened with stevia.
All of this yummy-ness comes in a 0.15 oz twisty lip balm tube(2X the amount you get in "slim tubes").

This item will melt in the heat. It doesn't damage the it, try not to leave it in your pocket, or any other hot spots. If you are able to let it remelt in the upright position, it should reform in the correct shape once cooled. 

My Thoughts:
I recently received a chapstick from Muse Bath & Body. It’s handmade, and it is a real treat to use. When I first opened it, I have to admit, I smelled it. I know, strange. But I wanted to know what flavor it was, since it was in clear wrapping.  It smelled good, and so I put it on my lips. When I went to rub my lips together to make sure it got to every possible part it could reach of my lips, I could feel it working its magic. The more I rub my lips together, the softer they get. My tongue likes to taste what is being put on it, and I’m sure yours is no different. Some chapsticks/lipsticks/lipglosses burn or taste odd in my mouth, and why would I want to put something on my lips when it would burn or be untasty to my mouth? Fortunately, that is not the case with this lip gloss! It doesn’t really have a taste, and it doesn’t burn. Some lip glosses are so tasty you just want to eat them. This one is not like that, but its not bad enough that you can’t wear it on your lips. It’s perfect for a lip-item. You can put it on your lips with confidence. And later you can see the effects of the ingredients softening your lips.

Organic Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba butter, Palm Butter, Coffee Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Mica(green, gold, red), Sustainable Stevia 

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Interview with Jay Londo!

Here's an interview I recently did with author Jay Londo! 
Like the interview and want to get in touch with him? Check out his facebook page!

1. Which books have you written? 
I have written eight books finishing my ninth. Published four: "Humanity's last stand" "Alone in the woods" "Silverback island" "Then cave" 
2. What inspires you to write?

A very active imagination, wanting to get out. Wanting to share my stories. 
3. Do you have any almost-finished-about-to-be-published books?

yes a womens mystery adventure "Attila's lost treasure" and I am writing a period romance war-torn-love. 
4. What is your favorite Hawaiian Island to visit?

The big island, most people get caught up on the other islands. But in reality you could fit the rest of the islands on the big island, and have room to spare. There is just so much to see. I would love to move there. You can write anywhere! 
5. What is your favorite board game?

By far monopoly, very competive! 
6. Do you add ice to your milk, or just refrigerate it? 

Just refrigerator, has to be cold. I love milk, I have to have a glass with dinner, and who doesen't like it with warm cookies? 
7. Who is your favorite musician?

Katy Perry! 
8. Which story are you most proud of writing? What is it about?

"Silverback island, Its set in the eighteeth century. Aboard a whaling ship, that sinks in a storm. Before the survivors can be saved, they have to go through hell. They make it to a very strange island. Just when they feel their safe they are attacked. Night after night they must fight to save themselves. Then they make an amazing discovery that had been a legend. But I can't give away any more. 
9. About how often do you go onto facebook each week?

I have to be honest once or twice day. I guess I have to blame my sweet daughter. she sometime lives on it. I had to see what all the fuse was about. I really didn't get into it until about two months ago.  
10. Thank you! Is there anything else you'd like to say?

I have to say thank you! It really hard for me to pick just one story of mine. Each one of my stories are completely different. I think my next book will be a childrens book. I love challeging myself. I love writing exciting stories, with strong charaters, stories that suck the reader in, and of course surprising endings. But I do have to come clean. I am the worst speller, and horrible at grammer. But boy do I love to write. I believe if you really want to do something you should, let nothing hold you back. Go for your dreams. Don't wonder what if! And I would love talking to my readers, feel free to facebook me, don't tweet, I don't tweet. I just learned how to use facebook for god sacks. And everyone read Princess Review!

Jay Londo, Tasha Nicole

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frenemies - DCOM



Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Stephanie Scott, Nick Robinson, Mary Mouser

Film Rating:

Release Date:
January 13, 2012


James Krieg

My Rating:

I'd Recommend to...
kids 7-13, Families

My Thoughts:
In Frenemies, 3 sets of best friends quickly turn into enemies, only to later become the good friends they were meant to be. It's told by Halle and Avalon, through their blog, Geekly Chic.
First up is the story of Jake and his dog, Murray. Jake and Julianne are science partners, forced to do a project together. In order to get an A on the project without doing any work herself, Julianne decides to make Jake her boyfriend - one of three. Murray senses what she is doing and does not like her. When he trashes a love letter from her, Jake gets mad, but when he trashes Jake's favorite award from NASA, he gets madder. Jake runs away to Savannah, who has a major crush on Jake and loves dogs. To find out what happens between Jake, Savannah, Julianne, and Murray, watch Frenemies.
The next story is between the story tellers themselves, Avalon and Halle. Avalon is the fashionista of the two and Halle is the geek. Together their blog, Geekly Chic, gets the attention of Burns Publications. But they only need one of the two, so Avalon and Halle are forced to create competing articles to see who will get the job. It drives them apart, but together they come up with a brilliant story. But who will get the job? Watch Frenemies to find out!
Last, but certainly not least, is the story between Emma and Savannah, two girls from completely different worlds, who look like twins. Avalon and Halle suggest they switch places, and so they do. They soon want their own lives back, until they meet the other's boyfriend/crush. Emma soon makes Jake Savannah's boyfriend, and Savannah is soon going on a date with Emma's boyfriend (still as Emma). This makes both of them insanely jealous. Will things turn out right? Maybe you should try watching Frenemies to find out!
This is a cute movie for kids and preteens. It shows how friendship can overcome everything. It's now playing on Disney Channel, so look at your television guide to see when it is on on your stations/area.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Guest Post by Joann H. Buchanan

What Writing is to me
I started writing when I was in my teens. My dad, bless his heart, would ground me all the time, leaving me only able to read and write. The thing is, I would run out of books to read and so I would start writing. I soon discovered I could do what I wanted in the worlds I created. I could ride a dragon, turn into a bird or even meet my soul mate. Another thing I discovered was I could punish those who I felt were being mean to me.
As with any teenage girl, I had a lot of drama in my life. The world was coming to an end and life was so unfair because my best friend stole my boyfriend, my locker wouldn’t open and when it did my monthly stuff fell on the ground, my parents wouldn’t let me go to the biggest party of the year or last but not least, the single most important guy in school, Mike Mckinney  didn’t know I was alive.
Writing became an outlet for me. It became a way for me to travel across the world and a way for me to express myself. I loved every second of it.  Looking back, one thing I remember about high school was how new everything was. The world was huge and I had no idea where I fit in. I didn’t know the other kids were going through the same thing. I also didn’t consider myself an outsider. I was on the swim team, ASB and in the French club. (Yes I was the girl who was sure she was going to live in France and meet my soul mate across the world.) I was also in Drama and loved the stage. It was another place I could be anyone but me. The funny thing is all of that was me. That’s what most people don’t realize about writing. What we write comes from us. Everything exists somewhere within us. The lonely confused kid, the monster who creeps in the night, the angels that take flight and even the hero that saves the day are all inside us just waiting to explore the worlds we create.
As a writer, I was able to discover more about myself than any classroom was able to teach me. Through my writing I was able to stand out in the crowd and in it, I was able to say I have a place.
It took our house burning down for me to see that the universe was trying to tell me something.  This is something I will never forget and the single moment that changed my life and direction.  On an Easter Sunday a few years ago, My fiancĂ© and I took the children to our church for a fellowship potluck dinner. The children were able to run around the church and find hidden eggs full of candy and other tiny delights. Upon returning home, we were all exhausted. We put the children to bed and then headed to our own room. My eyes grew heavy and I passed out. Somewhere in the middle of the night, my daughter woke up screaming about how hot the house was. John opened the bedroom door and came face to face with a wall of black smoke.
“Grab Carolyne,” he yelled. “The house is on fire!”
I picked up my tiny daughter and wrapped a blanket around her then with some luck I found the door to the outside world.  I’ll never forget looking back at the house. Flames erupted from the roof towards the back. I yelled for John and the rest of the children. One by one they came out, coughing in shock but alive and unharmed. A few minutes later a loud explosion sounded from the side of the house. The fire had reached the room where the paint thinner and other  chemicals John needed for his business were stored.
We lost everything that night except what was most important , our family. The next day we returned to the house to see if there was anything we could salvage. Making our way through the debris, we ended up in our bedroom. Sitting on my desk, a few inches away from the computer that had melted and burned to nothing was a hard copy of one of my novels and a stack of disks. The entire stack was unharmed. There was no soot on them, no burn marks, none of the disks were melted or messed up in any way and the paper looked as white as the day I printed it out. A miracle had happened. In the middle of all the loss, I was sent a message. Be thankful for what you have . I picked up the stack of paper and disks, held them to my chest and began to cry. Amidst all the ruin, a small ray of light had been shined on me, personally.
After that happened, I stopped being the closet writer. I stopped letting fear control whether or not I sent out my work and I started taking writing serious. I began by joining groups about writing and learning from people who had already been there. I started reading books on writing to grow as a writer. I also started a blog. No when I started all this, I had no idea what to expect. I was as green and any other newbie out there. I still am in a lot of ways.
Writing had given me back my path in life. Once again I had a goal and life was starting to look up. Writing to me is just that, it is a creative endeavor that gives you a chance to share with the world.  For me, it helped make me the person I am today. I’m not afraid to set goals and not afraid to have others read what I write. It helps me grow. My life is now and will be forever changed because of it. 

This post has been written and provided by Joann H. Buchanan.

The Hunger Games!!

It's still a long wait before The Hunger Games movie hit the cinemas. While we're waiting, here's some treats for die-hard Hunger Games fans - one of the tracks on the official soundtrack! Sung by Taylor Swift and featuring The Civil Wars, the song absolutely fits the book perfectly. Let's hope the movie will be as amazing as it can get! In the mean time, check out the song on the link below:

Also check out the official channel of The Hunger Games movie for updates!

And Then Everything Unraveled

And Then Everything Unraveled
by Jennifer Sturman

Summary (from Goodreads)
Delia Truesdale has no idea her life's about to change forever. She's too busy enjoying the California summer. Her internet tycoon mother, T.K. Truesdale, is out of town, and that means Delia can spend all her time at the beach, surfing. That is, until everything unravels.
Her mother suddenly goes missing, and everyone thinks she's dead - excpet Delia, who knows T.K.'s way too organized to simply disappear. But Delia's still sent to New York to live with her two aunts - a downtown bohemian and an uptown ice queen.
And in case that's not bad enough, she also has to deal with a snooty new school and trying not to fall for the wrong guy. Oh, and finding her mother.
As she delves deeper into the tangle of conspiracies and lies surrounding T.K.'s disappearance, Delia begins to suspect that the wrong guy may be the right guy...and that some secrets - especially the dangerous ones - were never meant to be unraveled.
My Rating: 4/5

My Review 
I wasn’t even interested in this book the first time I saw it at the shop. Until I was randomly rummaging through my friend’s book collection, read a few pages and got really into it in an instant. What I really love about it is that the author doesn’t drag the story around like a sack of potatoes. Like the beginning where the heroine’s mother goes missing, she didn’t take up a lot of space rambling about how it was when her mother was around or anything like that. The book also offers some really interesting characters that we don’t usually see, which pretty much makes up for some of its clichĂ© parts (popular school boy has an instant connection with new girl on the first day).

The only thing off about this book is that things didn’t exactly – as the title says – unravel. It ended with a finale that was obviously another beginning. I guess that’s an excuse to publish a sequel for it, but I really don’t mind. It kept me on my feet the whole time, made me go “aww” at romantic parts and made me realize the brittleness of Mother Nature (coz half of the book is about that too). 

I would recommend this to anyone who likes their romance novels served with a slice of mystery.. :D

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Reminder - Guest Post

Just a reminder - if you or anyone you know want to submit a Guest Post, just email me and I'll gladly get it up for you! (Most likely - if it's totally inappropriate, there is no way its going on my blog!) You can email me at PrincessReviews (at) inbox (dot) com!

What is a guest post?
A guest post is a post where a guest - someone not on the blog - creates an article, review, interview, or whatever else they want to be published onto a blog gets the chance to have whatever that is that they want published to be published.
Here at PrincessReviews, we make sure that everyone knows who wrote the article if whoever is publishing it has not written it. The author's name goes in the title and at the beginning and end of the post.

If you liked having your guest posts published, then feel free to email me about becoming part of the PrincessReviews team, where you would get to publish things all the time!

Thanks, and have fun typing!
~Tasha Nicole!~

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interview with Zoey Sweete and Luna Sweete

Zoey Sweete

1. What is Blood Magic about?
Luna Sweete
 Blurb: Half vampire and half witch, whose powers stem from an age old bloodline, Renee Draven is hell bent on destroying the evil that has terrorized her lineage and take back the power that was stolen long ago. As foretold by prophecy, Renee prepares to battle Damaskeos, the evil one that has stolen the lives of her ancestors for centuries and taken their power for his own. She must learn to use her power to protect herself while being haunted by visions of the past. Racing against time Renee must find Dante Angelo, the one who is to awaken her vampire side and give her the strength to defeat Damaskeos. As she embarks on her dark journey into a world of demons, vampires, werewolves, and those who hunt them, Renee stumbles across William Angelo, the lost soul she was said to bring home and save. Struggling to stay alive, she is torn between her duties and wanting a normal life. Renee must search for the power within herself to save the lives of those she loves and trust the magic that flows through her blood. Blood Magic takes you on a mystical ride into alternate dimensions and the world of the Draven witches with the supernatural creatures that have sworn to protect them and die for them.
2. Which character from Blood Magic are you most like? How?
 Zoey Sweete: I think that I am mostly Renee Draven. Shes always in my head and I use my feelings and personality a lot with her. If shes in bitch mode, its means I was that day. If shes barking out orders then I did that day. I just really connect with her and what she goes through.
Luna Sweete: Tristan, he's the witty funny smart ass that just says whats on his mind even when he needs to keep his mouth shut. I'm the on the spot girl and Tristan is like that.
3. How old were you when you decided to become an author?
 Zoey Sweete: I always loved to write, since I was about 12 or 13. My father would tell these off the wall stories and captivate me. He inspired me and I just began writing. He is still my inspiration to this day. Anytijme I feel like I need that pick up or feel ike I need a boost, I just remember if he was here he'd tell me never to give up on y dreams and keep going.
Luna Sweete: Since I was young. My dog and I would go on many adventures together and my imagination just went wild. It was a way to get all those built up feelings out and Zoey and I always wrote together, and made a perfect team, so we wrote out out angst together.
4. What's your favorite song?
 Zoey Sweete: Snuff by Slipknot, absolutely love it. Just says everything that is on my mind sometimes and being a writer don't you ever wonder where we get out heartbrok material?
Luna Sweete: Black by Pearl Jam. Calms me down and helps after a hactic day.
5. What is your aall time favorite book.
 Zoey Sweete: Rose Madder by Stephen King. He is one of the reasons I am a writer today and the book really put some points in my life in perspective.
Luna Sweete: The Witching Hour by Anne Rice. It was a vast array of everything Anne Rice is about and it was wonderful.
6. What would you rather be a vampire or a witch?
Zoey and Luna Sweete: That's a tough one because out female lead is a witch/vampire hybrid and she kicks ass. I would lvoe tht whole vampire thing, the moon and the stars, but having the power of a witch...damn it a toss up.
7. Whta's your favorite ice ream flavor?
Zoey Sweete; Coconut Fudge
Luna Sweete: Chocolate
8. What was it like cowriting a book?
Interesting and fun to say the least...esepcially the 5am writing sessions without any sleep. We had tons of fun together.
9. What advice would you give to aspiring writers?
Dream big or dont dream at all.
10. Anything else you would like to say?
Yes, we would love to inform everyone that Blood Magic The Draven Witch Series has just recently been signed with a new publisher, Mystic Press and will be released January 18, 2012 along with anew kick ass book cover. We just want to say thank you to all of our loyal fans and family that has supported us from day one. And teo Wendy Hunyor and Mystic Press for taking our series to a new level and making it unbelievable!!! for more infor check out:

Monday, January 9, 2012

John Hundley Interview

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1. What is The Draculata Nest about?
   Wow. I don’t want to say too much, because I’m afraid I’ll give away some things about the story that are now being revealed to me in the sequel, but The Draculata Nest is set against the backdrop of a war that’s been going on between vampires and werewolves for over twelve millennia, a fight for the future of the human race. Clifford Crane, within whom the lycanthropic gene has slept for over fifty years, is turned into a werewolf by a Uwharrie Indian shaman, herself a werewolf, who thinks Clifford is the red wolf of prophecy, the one foretold to lead the wolves to final victory over the vampires. After turning him, she dies before telling him of the prophecy, and leaving him a lone wolf in a town full of vampires.
   When a traveling nest of vampires, masquerading as a troupe of performance artists called Draculata, comes to Clifford’s town and tries to seduce a friend of his, the young and beautiful Danielle Anderson, Clifford intervenes. He kills one of the Draculata vampires, launching a series of events that leads him on a journey of self-discovery and drawing him into the middle of the ancient war.

2. Do you play any games on facebook?
Absolutely not!  Many of my friends do, but, I mean, where do y’all find the time?

3. Which is your favorite? Why? (If the answer to Question 2 was a yes)

4. Where is your favorite place to travel to? Why?
I live in North Carolina, and like the state, I’m torn between the mountains and the sea. I love backpacking, so I try to spend a few weeks each year on the trails in the western part of the state. However, I also relish the times I can get to the beach. Incidentally, a great part of the action in the sequel takes place along the Outer Banks, a magical strip of beach on the eastern end of our fair state, where, alas, vampires abound.

5. Do you plan on writing another book soon?
I hope to have The Dragon of Doughton Park finished and published by late spring/early summer 2012. There will be at least one more book , Red Wolf Rising, before Clifford Crane’s story is done.

6. When did you get your first book published?
DN is my first. Thank god for the recent self-publishing revolution. I first published it on amazon kdp over Thanksgiving weekend, 2011.

7. Are you planning on having any book signings? If so, where and when?
Nothing planned, so far.

8. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?
Okay, this is definitely going to date me, but I am still convinced that Rocky and Bullwinkle was the best cartoon show of all time.

9. What inspires you to write?
Since starting the Red Wolf Novels project, I’ve become very intrigued with the characters. I honestly don’t know what they’re going to do next, so each writing session is truly an adventure. More recently, I’ve begun to get feedback from readers who also want to know what will happen next, which is thrilling and inspirational to me.

10. Thank you! Is there anything else you'd like to say?
Thank you for reviewing the book, and I hope everyone enjoys it half as much as I enjoyed writing it.

John Hundley, PrincessReviews's Tasha Nicole

Book Review: The Girl Who Could Fly

The Girl Who Could Fly by Victoria Forester

I was in the Goodwill book section and picked up a couple of books for my daughter and ran across this cover. It looked so interesting that I paid my 75¢ and took it home.

The Girl Who Could Fly is about a little girl named Piper McCloud from a farming community in Lowland County. Not sure where that is but it's quaint with honest, hardworking people. Nothing much had changed in the McCloud family for generations on their 20 acres until Piper came along. And yes, she could fly.

The story flows well and the characters are likeable. Although the McClouds have distinctive "country" language, they are far from bumpkins. They are just simple people with simple ways and a flying child is just too much for them so they forbid Piper to fly and they homeschool her, never letting her interact with the community other than Sunday church and the doctor's office (who mistakenly diagnoses Piper's floating as only being a good climber, saying the McCloud's have a "little monkey"on their hands). But of course if Piper didn't fly and get found out, there would be no story. But instead if the welcome and acceptance she craves, Piper is further ostracized. Because flying feels so "right" to her, she can't understand why everyone else feels it's bad.

So in comes a government agency headed by Dr. Letitia Hellion who promises Piper that she can go to an institute where she will feel understood and everything will make sense to the confused little girl. But is this the best place for Piper and her unique ability when she has to leave home and her parents for the first time in her short life?

The Girl Who Could Fly is a great story about having a heart, following your heart, believing in and trusting yourself, and never giving up. Piper is a strong, pure-hearted character that is entertaining and sometimes exasperating as she talks constantly. But I have one of those talkers at home so I could relate to Piper's ma and pa's frustrations and love for their little girl.

It is also exciting and harrowing, creative but not completely unique. A little long, but never boring. I gave it a 4 out of 5.

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Dragon's Pupils: The Peaks Giveaway!

Dragon's Pupils: The Peaks is the second book in the Dragon's Pupils series. Author Martin Chushui is willing to giveaway an ebook version of The Peaks. (The first book in the series, The Sword Guest, is available for free on Barnes&Noble, Amazon UK, and Smashwords.) 

Here are some blurbs about both of the books in the series. Both blurbs are from an email Martin has sent me, and I did not write up any of it. Also, I don't know why it has >>>>>> before everything. Just ignore it, please. 

*Dragon's Pupils - The Sword Guest (Dragon's Pupils Series Book
>>>>>>>>> 1)**
>>>>>>>>> **[Kindle
>>>>>>>>> Edition]***
>>>>>>>>> When East and West combine…
>>>>>>>>> Half-Chinese, half-Australian, Liz is not interested in her
>>>>>>>>> father’s
>>>>>>>>> ancient Tao wisdom, or his cryptic tales. She is more concerned
>>>>>>>>> with
>>>>>>>>> environmental issues—particularly the plan to mine one of
>>>>>>>>> Australia’s
>>>>>>>>> great
>>>>>>>>> landmarks, Wave Rock. Her father’s latest gift, a Chinese
>>>>>>>>> calligraphy
>>>>>>>>> pen,
>>>>>>>>> seems set to take its place in her bottom drawer forever.
>>>>>>>>> Then Wave Rock is blasted open by something more than a mining
>>>>>>>>> operation,
>>>>>>>>> and Liz finds that she must battle monsters from ancient times as
>>>>>>>>> well
>>>>>>>>> as
>>>>>>>>> creatures from other worlds, all intent on destroying Earth. She
>>>>>>>>> must
>>>>>>>>> call
>>>>>>>>> on all her powers, from both her Eastern heritage and her Western
>>>>>>>>> upbringing, to save her world. Her pen becomes her way into a new
>>>>>>>>> and
>>>>>>>>> magical world, and Liz discovers she has powers—and allies—that
>>>>>>>>> she
>>>>>>>>> never
>>>>>>>>> could have guessed.
>>>>>>>>> An exciting, fast-paced tale that combines the wisdom of ancient
>>>>>>>>> tradition
>>>>>>>>> with the pace of a Kung Fu movie and brings them to life in
>>>>>>>>> contemporary
>>>>>>>>> Australia, this exciting tale takes the best of two cultures and
>>>>>>>>> blends
>>>>>>>>> them to open up a new world of adventure and mystery.
>>>>>>>>> Dragon's Pupils - The Peaks (Dragon's Pupils Series Book 2)
>>>>>>>>> [Kindle
>>>>>>>>> Edition]
>>>>>>>>> Powerful and invincible they ride across vast desert landscapes,
>>>>>>>>> hunting
>>>>>>>>> and slaying vampires under the cover of night. Jian Ke, the sword
>>>>>>>>> guests
>>>>>>>>> are more famous than ever! Admired by millions of TV fans around
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> nation
>>>>>>>>> as they pursue a life of action and adventure: a splendid
>>>>>>>>> tapestry
>>>>>>>>> depicting Liz, Henry and Sue at the top of their game. With her
>>>>>>>>> paintbrush
>>>>>>>>> in hand Liz is prepared to take on a hoard of vampires, an army
>>>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>>>> aliens
>>>>>>>>> and even her first kiss from the man of her dreams, Sue’s
>>>>>>>>> handsome
>>>>>>>>> older
>>>>>>>>> brother.
>>>>>>>>> Life couldn’t be better until everything falls to pieces.
>>>>>>>>> Liz must now face her biggest fears as the world she once knew
>>>>>>>>> slips
>>>>>>>>> through her fingers. No-one will be left untouched by the chaos
>>>>>>>>> which
>>>>>>>>> ensues. Armed only with her knowledge of Tai Chi, Liz must fight
>>>>>>>>> for
>>>>>>>>> what
>>>>>>>>> she has lost and begin the climb of her life. An unforgettable
>>>>>>>>> journey
>>>>>>>>> will
>>>>>>>>> take her to the Peaks.
>>>>>>>>> “Dragon’s Pupils – The Peaks,” the second instalment of the
>>>>>>>>> Dragon’s
>>>>>>>>> Pupils
>>>>>>>>> series, follows the drama of Liz’s life as she fights monsters,
>>>>>>>>> wields
>>>>>>>>> magic and longs for forbidden love. It is a journey which will
>>>>>>>>> take
>>>>>>>>> you
>>>>>>>>> through Australia’s most beautiful landscapes and ultimately
>>>>>>>>> witnesses
>>>>>>>>> the
>>>>>>>>> transformation Liz undergoes, as she rises to meet her latest
>>>>>>>>> challenge.

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You will have until Saturday, January 21st, 2012 to enter.
Thank you and good luck to all!