Saturday, January 14, 2012

Frenemies - DCOM



Bella Thorne, Zendaya, Stephanie Scott, Nick Robinson, Mary Mouser

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Release Date:
January 13, 2012


James Krieg

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I'd Recommend to...
kids 7-13, Families

My Thoughts:
In Frenemies, 3 sets of best friends quickly turn into enemies, only to later become the good friends they were meant to be. It's told by Halle and Avalon, through their blog, Geekly Chic.
First up is the story of Jake and his dog, Murray. Jake and Julianne are science partners, forced to do a project together. In order to get an A on the project without doing any work herself, Julianne decides to make Jake her boyfriend - one of three. Murray senses what she is doing and does not like her. When he trashes a love letter from her, Jake gets mad, but when he trashes Jake's favorite award from NASA, he gets madder. Jake runs away to Savannah, who has a major crush on Jake and loves dogs. To find out what happens between Jake, Savannah, Julianne, and Murray, watch Frenemies.
The next story is between the story tellers themselves, Avalon and Halle. Avalon is the fashionista of the two and Halle is the geek. Together their blog, Geekly Chic, gets the attention of Burns Publications. But they only need one of the two, so Avalon and Halle are forced to create competing articles to see who will get the job. It drives them apart, but together they come up with a brilliant story. But who will get the job? Watch Frenemies to find out!
Last, but certainly not least, is the story between Emma and Savannah, two girls from completely different worlds, who look like twins. Avalon and Halle suggest they switch places, and so they do. They soon want their own lives back, until they meet the other's boyfriend/crush. Emma soon makes Jake Savannah's boyfriend, and Savannah is soon going on a date with Emma's boyfriend (still as Emma). This makes both of them insanely jealous. Will things turn out right? Maybe you should try watching Frenemies to find out!
This is a cute movie for kids and preteens. It shows how friendship can overcome everything. It's now playing on Disney Channel, so look at your television guide to see when it is on on your stations/area.


  1. I thought the Emma / Savannah (by Mary Mouser) story was the funniest part of the movie. I really liked Nick and Dylans characters too. The bratty little brother was so cute and funny. They are all great actors!

  2. I agree, that was my favorite part of the movie!