Monday, January 16, 2012

Green/Gold and Red Lip Gloss

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SALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip GlossSALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip GlossSALE --- Green/Gold and Red Lip Gloss

Official Shop Description:
Have you ever seen the movie Snow White?
This unique lip gloss with green/gold in the bottom and a bright red on top is great for Halloween or dressing up, or just when you want something to make a statement. This item will leave you with green/gold lips after your done with the red.
This lip gloss is not just for looks, while you are out there making your daily fashion statement all of the rich beautiful butters are working on softening, moisturizing and shining your lips. So even after the gloss is off you look great.
Flavored with the natural coffee butter and lightly sweetened with stevia.
All of this yummy-ness comes in a 0.15 oz twisty lip balm tube(2X the amount you get in "slim tubes").

This item will melt in the heat. It doesn't damage the it, try not to leave it in your pocket, or any other hot spots. If you are able to let it remelt in the upright position, it should reform in the correct shape once cooled. 

My Thoughts:
I recently received a chapstick from Muse Bath & Body. It’s handmade, and it is a real treat to use. When I first opened it, I have to admit, I smelled it. I know, strange. But I wanted to know what flavor it was, since it was in clear wrapping.  It smelled good, and so I put it on my lips. When I went to rub my lips together to make sure it got to every possible part it could reach of my lips, I could feel it working its magic. The more I rub my lips together, the softer they get. My tongue likes to taste what is being put on it, and I’m sure yours is no different. Some chapsticks/lipsticks/lipglosses burn or taste odd in my mouth, and why would I want to put something on my lips when it would burn or be untasty to my mouth? Fortunately, that is not the case with this lip gloss! It doesn’t really have a taste, and it doesn’t burn. Some lip glosses are so tasty you just want to eat them. This one is not like that, but its not bad enough that you can’t wear it on your lips. It’s perfect for a lip-item. You can put it on your lips with confidence. And later you can see the effects of the ingredients softening your lips.

Organic Coconut Oil, Golden Jojoba butter, Palm Butter, Coffee Butter, Beeswax, Olive Oil, Mica(green, gold, red), Sustainable Stevia 

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