Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Next To Nothing

When I first heard Next to Nothing, I immediately thought of Fall Out Boy. When I got home, I YouTubed Fall Out Boy to make sure I wasn't thinking of another band. I wasn't. Next to Nothing sounds really similar to Fall Out Boy, so if you like Fall Out Boy or their type of music, you should definitely check out Next to Nothing!! Also, if you're a fan of the All American Rejects, you might want to check them out. Actually, you should check them out even if  you hate Fall Out Boy or the All American Rejects or if you hate music in general because I'm pretty sure there is no way you can hate Next to Nothing!!
I listened to them once and now I can't stop! You'll be hooked soon!
Next to Nothing is a band from Smithsburg, MD, and so far the only CD they have out is their demo, and you need to know them or go to a show to buy it. It's $2. But I'm sure if you go to their facebook and ask for one and send them the $2 (maybe a bit more for S&H) they'll gladly send you one!!
Their next show is tomorrow (January 26, 2012) at the Smithburg Fire Hall at 6PM along with several other bands! If you live anywhere near there, you should go!!
Check out their facebook by clicking on this link! 


  1. Listened to them. When it comes to how they sound, there is next to nothing that I could possibly dislike more.

  2. Really? Well, everyone has their opinions.
    There are several bands called Next to Nothing though, so are you sure you were listening to the same one?

  3. You can check out their website here: