Friday, January 27, 2012

Sparkle's Song

Sparkle's Song

Samantha Hale

Mariana Ruiz Johnson

Hbk & PbK


Publication Date:
Feb 2012


About the Author: (Press Release Packet)

American author, Samantha Hale, is
a film maker, who directed ‘Map
the Music’ about the power music
has in everyday life.

Summary: (Press Release Packet)

Sparkle’s life feels empty without music, so
when she hears music coming from the
forest she cannot help but follow it.

Sparkle is sent to live with her Aunt Mildred in the middle
of nowhere. Sparkle’s radio is banned from the house.
One day whilst playing outside Sparkle hears beautiful
music coming from the forest. She goes in search of it but
soon finds herself lost amongst the trees.
She meets a songbird and a group of talking instruments,
where she learns why her aunt has banned music.
She returns home and persuades her Aunt to play the
piano with her.

I'd Recommend to...
Parents to read as a bedtime story

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Sparkle is sent to live with her Aunt when her parents die. Her aunt doesn't want to hear any music because it reminds her of Sparkle's mother. Instruments in the woods start to play music. Sparkle hears and follows them. They play together and become friends. Sparkle tells her Aunt about them and they go to play together.
This is a cute children's book that could quickly become a famous nighttime story book. It's a cute story and I love how much Sparkle loves music and how the trees are dancing.


  1. Great review! We just reviewed this book on our blog and interviewed the author (separate posts). I think the book is so cute and I love the way it ties in music.

    Here is the link to our review: