Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Social Vibe

I was looking through the things you can put in your sidebars today, and I found Social Vibe.
Social Vibe is a great thing that's free to put up and free to do, and it helps your chairties. How? Well, you're favorite brands put up things like surveys, or they just see you wanting to help, and they donate money to the chairty of your choice.
There are TONS of chairtys, which is why, each month I'm going to change the chairty the one on here is for. Please help out. Like I said, it's free to help, and it's for a good cause.
Another way you can help is by putting the Social Vibe widget on your site. Just go to Design, then click on an empty spot. When the thing listing all of the sidebars come up, search Social Vibe. Then pick your charity and click save. Whenever people see your blog, they should click on it and try to help out.
Thank you.

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