Wednesday, June 15, 2011

OP Bathing Suits

It's been such a long time princesses(princes too)! But, now that its summer, the worlds is ours again, and its time to pump up the party! Wow, did that sound so cheesy!
What is the one summer essential that all girls love? Bathing suits, swim suits, whatever you call them! We all end up going to the beach where I am, and this year, I'm jetting off to the Caribbean to Jamaica, and I will practically live on the beach for a whole week. (I'll be away that week, next Friday, June 24th to the first of July, but when I return, I'll make sure to post my travel journal!)

Ocean Pacific Women's Junior Swim Fixed Triangle Top, Pink, SmallToday, I'm going to review the bathing suits from OP, which are basic, cute, and sold all over. You can usually find a good selection at Wal-Mart. Who doesn't loive Wal-Mart.... Okay. My 8th grade History teacher does not count! OP, also known as Ocean Pacific keeps up with to date styles, and they even sell basic one-color pieces. They make bathing suits for all ages and sexes, which makes hem so great. 

One way to identify OP bathing suits is by finding the sewn on OP logo on the piece itself. It may be hard to spot, but you'll find it. (:
OP even sells accessories like flip-flops, cover-ups. So, now all you need to head to the beach is the sunblock, a cute umbrella, and a towel. Have Fun.

Shout out to Tasha! Have fun on Vacation!
Princess Kate.

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