Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars is back on ABC Family!! :) Each Tuesday night at 8pm, turn your televisions on to your ABC Family channel to watch this amazing show. This season is all new and totally entertaining. The girls are accused of Ali's death, along with Ian's disappearance, and are forced to seperate. Along with that major disadvantage, each girl has her own problems to face.
Hannah's dad is in town for a few days, flirting with her mom, and getting married to Isabella.
Aria's attending art class with Jenna on campus at Ezra Fitz's new school, also where Jackie, his ex-fiance, works.
Emily's dad wants them to move to Texas and she can only stay if written proof is given by a swim scout promising a full scholarship.
Spencer's sister is prego and somehow in contact with Ian. Toby is working for Ali's brother. Her parents are on vacation.
There is tons of new things going on this season, I can already forsee it's going to be epic. So tune in every Tuesday!


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  2. Why not? I don't like when it waits and doesn't have to.