Friday, October 25, 2013

Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom Sugarland Book Review

Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom Sugarland
by Lee-Ann Graff-Vinson

Queen Emily's Enchanted Kingdom Sugarland is about Emily who goes to sleep at night and awakes (in her dream) in an Enchanted Kingdom where she becomes Queen Emily. In this book, Queen Emily awakes to find her kingdom covered in sweet, sweet treats. Does she start out trying to find out why her kingdom has mini donuts on the merry-go-round and a swimming pool full of Jell-O like her trusty unicorn friend Stargazer advises? Well, first Queen Emily has to find out if what looks like and what smells like sweets are indeed sweets. From there, it is a sweet adventure for her taste buds. But when is enough, enough?

This is a very cute book. I believe this is a series. I read it with my 6-year-old daughter and we laughed out loud. She had me read it two times back-to-back and asked me to read it a third time, but it was past her bedtime. The pictures were great. The book was written by a mother and daughter team and the daughter drew the pictures with her crayons and imagination. A very sweet book (pun intended).

Rating 5/5

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