Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Cheer Bow Shop

As many of you may or may not know, I am a cheerleader. Throughout my many years cheering, most of my cheer bows have been the plain white, or a simple design my coach ironed onto our plain white bows. For being so plain, white, and boring, these simple bows usually end up costing around $7 per bow. Why they are so outrageously priced, I have no idea.
Now that I am in college, every penny counts. This is especially true when you are also on a sports team, such as the cheer team, where added costs due to sporty affairs can really put a hole in your pocket. That is why my group's backspot decided she was done with expensive white bows - she was going to make our bows for a lot cheaper (see picture of iBase bow).
Customizable "iBase EC Cheer" bow created by
Aidan Murphy of CheerBowLife
modeled by Tasha Nicole Haight
They turned out fabulous! They are so cute and much, much better than the plain bows and cost nearly half the price! Turns out, they are A LOT cheaper to make than to buy! Aidan Murphy, designer and creator of these bows, agreed. She decided to get crafty and come up with a few more designs and is now opening her own Etsy store to sell them at quite a steal.
Check out the links below to see her online store and her company's instagram.
Aidan is an International Business major at Eckerd College. She is part of the Disney Alumni Association and, along with all her accomplishments and participations with the school, she is a cheer enthusiast and a true gem to cheer with.
The bows she crafts are so well put together, they will surely last a lifetime.While labeled cheer bows, any bow lover could certainly wear them at anytime!  They make great gifts and would be perfect for entire teams to get creative, cheap bows. Bows usually run $5-10, depending on the difficulty of the bow. Compared to other Etsy shops and online retailers, that is certainly a steal!


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