Tuesday, February 17, 2015


Get paid for your notes on SwitchNote! 
If you're a college kid like me, you know the struggle is real when it comes to money. Well, SwitchNote is a great solution! Just for uploading notes you should already be taking anyways, you get points. Points are then eligible for giftcards, discounts, and giveaways. Points are super easy to earn and get you things, fast!
For example, an Amazon eGiftCard is only 50 points! So is a Starbucks $5 code. Bigger things cost more, like a $100 Visa Giftcard is 4000 points, but a $100 Restaurant.com giftcard is only 2000 points.
Like I said, getting points is super easy! Each document you upload is worth 10 points. Refer friends and get 50 points per friend. And when people download your notes? Another 10 points, per download! Sweet!
Not only will you be doing well in the points department, you'll be doing well in school too by taking good notes so others will want to download them. It's like two birds with one stone - except you're supposed to be taking notes anyways so is there really even a stone? I dunno but anyways, you should totally join SwitchNote! It's free, easy, and fun when the points start pouring in!

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