Friday, February 12, 2016


D.M.K. (Dunbar,Merrill,Karl) is a relatively new rock band composed of singer Scott Dunbar, guitarist Ted Merrill, and drummer Brian Karl, often with bassist Percy Trayanov.

Drummer Brian Karl, Bassist Percy Trayanov,
me, Vocalist Scott Dunbar (from left to right)
 I had the privilege of watching D.M.K. perform last October in Baltimore, Maryland. The energy in the room was through the roof. Unfortunately, it wasn't a packed event, but with the high level of excitement, it was easy to believe it was. Guitarist Ted Merrill is a local Marylander, so that only added to the excitement in the room. In addition to the vivacious audience, the passion and love of music held by the band was unmistakable. Vocalist Scott Dunbar showed more love for his band, supporters, and fellow musicians than I've seen in a while. It is clear he is living his dream and doing what he loves most. Combine Dunbar's spirit with the talented work of the instrumentalists and you get a memorable show with a great band.

Check out their Facebook here, and look for them on iTunes!
D.M.K. performing at Baltimore Soundstage on Oct 25, 2015
For those of you wishing to see D.M.K. perform live for yourselves, you're in luck! Here are their upcoming tour dates, with more constantly being added, so be on the lookout for them. 
2/20/16 with Tester at the Tavern in Framingham, MA
3/3/16 with Y&T at Soundstage in Baltimore, MD
3/11/16 at Gussy's in Astoria, NY
3/25/16 with Danger Danger at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ
4/15/16 with Enuff 'Z Nuff at Elmhurst, NY

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