Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Kerry Taylor Guest Post

This post is by Kerry Taylor!!

I am a mother, entrepreneur, IT Engineer, poet and foremost a woman. I say this because, at times, we as mothers forget we are individuals too. We hide under motherhood to excuse and justify our movements in life.
I have 3 children aged from 17 to 1 years old, they keep my on my toes 24-7. They are the biggest aspect of my life. They keep me thinking of new adventures all the time, and sometimes they stop me taking some of them too.
I am known to be rather wild at times. A special quote from my 17-year-old the other day – Whilst picking on his younger brother, I pointed out that they have all come from the same stomach. So, he should not act like he is the superior one. His reply – That is the problem Mother, we came from somewhere far worse than your stomach!!
Recently, self-published my first book of poetry called Stones of My Heart: One Woman’s Life Journey. It details all the different stages in my life from childhood, to teenager, to motherhood, to a wife and finally to a single mother. What makes it different from most? Everything, I am an average woman, fighting to survive in the world, and I have had too many kickbacks and keep trying to survive. That counts for a lot in my eyes and others.
The next book of poetry, I have written is called Life’s Pebbles: Her Journey Continues. It will be followed by Gravel of Moments: She Speaks Her Truths. Currently, writing my biography, my first novel which will enable my readers’ to piece all the puzzles together.
Also, I have started writing romantic comedies, the first one to be released is Fly, Pray, Love. It is a laugh out loud Cross Atlantic comedy about How Beyonce met Brad Pitt! Followed by Blind Dating, which is a heart-warming comedy about a woman who commences chat dating to discover the person she decides to meet is someone she already knows. I have just completed Love or Money, about two roommates, who set on a quest to get engaged, Kelly claims Money Can’t Buy me Love, whereas Heather begs to differ in this laugh out loud romantic comedy. Newly realeased, She Said: He Said, a book which is a prime example of why Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus! Nearly Natal, a funny book about different types of mothers!
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