Friday, April 5, 2013

Starlight Family Fun Center Review

Starlite Family Fun Center in Stockbridge, GA is an ok facility. I went there on a holiday because I saw an ad that stated that admission would be free that day. I was scouting for places to hold my daughter’s birthday party. However, I apparently didn’t read the ad because the attendant wouldn’t give me the discount because I didn’t have the ad with me. But I had obviously seen the ad and mentioned it. You would think that would be enough. Customer service oriented businesses would more than likely have accepted this fact. But Starlite didn’t. We went in anyway against my better judgment.

It is flashy and pricey. You pay for admission. You pay another fee for skate rentals. You pay another fee to rent a PVC pipe on wheels to help beginners. You pay to get into the indoor playground. You pay for the arcade games.

The service did not make me feel welcomed. We ate at the snack bar and the wings we ordered were still frozen. The pizza was not very good. The rink is large with a clean wood surface. Some of the music was not what we would let our children listen to. The indoor playground is small and a bit cramped and the staff comes around stopping children in their play to check to see if they have wrist bands for the playground. You must have a wrist band for skating and a wrist band for the playground. No discounts offered for both. I had already paid for my children to skate. We were there an hour before they wanted to play in the playground so I went over to purchase wrist bands for them. The attendant “required” me to bring the children over to see their bands before she would sell me more. Why? We were already in the building so we had obviously paid. Rude. I was not happy with my experience. The birthday packages were not a good deal either.

I would not go back and I would not recommend. I should have heeded the reviews.

Rating 1/5

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