Friday, September 6, 2013

Huffman Helicopters Review

Huffman Helicopters, Myrtle Beach, SC

We decided to do the helicopter rides when we saw $20 per person. We thought, "Sure!" But when you get there. The $20 is for like a 2 minute ride. You blink and it's over. So we upgraded to a 6-7 minute ride I believe. It was about $36 per person and it only seats 3 extra people with the pilot. The staff was polite and our pilot was skilled and personable. Our safety was in the forefront at all times.

They took our picture next to the helicopter (which is an extra fee) and up we went. My 7-year-old, who didn't like WonderWorks because the building was upside down and creaking, jumped into the front seat next to the pilot. :-) My 3-year-old had to sit on my husband's lap and we had to cover his ears with our hands. Everyone else received a headset.

The children loved it! Our flight took us around the area where our hotel was and out over the Atlantic Ocean. We saw for miles. It's an interesting experience. Sort of surreal. I knew I was in the air, but I didn't really register it. I felt fine, and I usually get nauseous looking down in the car.

It was a bit of a splurge in our vacation budget, but it was worth it. The children are still talking about it. If you can, everyone should try this.

I recommend to everyone.

Rating 5/5 stars

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