Friday, September 13, 2013

The Twisted Truth Book Review

 *****SPOILER ALERT*****

Michelle found the man of her dreams. He says she is the woman of his dreams. But something is out of place.

Not to tell too much about the plot, but 10 years ago Michelle was sexually assaulted by two men, brutally beaten and left for dead. Her faith in men is shattered and she has spent the last years building a non-profit shelter for abused women.

When Michelle meets Tyler, a wealthy realtor who only has eyes for her, he treats her like a queen, and she effortlessly falls for him. What's the problem? The problem is that Michelle can't tell if her own hang ups about men are getting in the way of bliss or if Ty is not quite Mr. Right.

I read through this book in a state of disbelief. Early on, the reader can figure out where the plot is going. The thing that keeps you reading is: IF or WHEN or HOW will our heroine discover the truth? Michelle's ability to make poor decisions throughout actually moves the plot along. Things just get more and more shocking. What a group of characters! This is "normal" meeting WAY past "crazy." The pure scandalous actions involved in this book and how it all unfolds is what kept me reading.

I recommend for readers who like daytime soaps like General Hospital and prime time dramas like Revenge; the more outrageous the better.

Rating 4/5 stars

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