Friday, April 25, 2014

Silver Tongue Book Review

Belin Vaulatrix is an earl's daughter betrolled to the king's son. Great, huh? Not for Belin. She'd rather run away than marry the prince. He's spoiled, boring and pudgy. Unfortunately Belin's plan to escape disguised as her maid backfires when she is kidnapped by a band of "hired knives." Apparently someone has been kidnapping servants and orphan children all over the land of Shalendorf. Belin picked the wrong disguise and finds herself herded underground into hundreds-of-years-old mines to dig for scrap lunas, a form a currency. But there aren't enough lunas to be worth anything. Belin suspects something is not right and she's determined to find out what. But she must keep her identity secret to do so.

I really enjoy Evelyn Ink's writing style. She brings you into a world that she knows well and expertly navigates you through a worthwhile adventure. The characters are relatable and entertaining. The setting in this companion novel to Ill-fated brought the story to life. The Grendel mines where Belin finds herself is full of rich history, mystery and breathtaking beauty. The description of the Grendel's artistry and architecture was well done. I wouldn't mind reading stories about the Grendels as well.

The pacing slowed for just a bit right after the kidnapping, but quickly returned and kept the adrenaline going through the end. The only thing that threw me off a little was the concept of Belin being "silver tongued." There is little actual conversation where she uses this gift. Most of the time it just says that she was able to persuade and calm or convince someone without actually showing her doing this. Other than that, I think it is a great read. I wasn't even disappointed about not seeing Leila and Sam again. Although I wouldn't mind reading more of their adventures, Belin and her friends led me on a good adventure as well. I enjoyed reading about the land of Shalendorf. I highly recommend Silver Tongue for fans of Evelyn Ink, steam punk and adventure.

Rating 4/5

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