Friday, May 2, 2014

Frozen Movie Review

Frozen (The Disney Movie)

*Possible Spoiler Alert*

I took my children to see Frozen at the theater. Like all Disney movies, it was a great experience for them. I, on the other hand, was disappointed. I left the movie with too many questions. Maybe I thought too hard about it, after all it's a kids' movie, right?

I am a great Disney fan but when I started to write this review, I had in mind all the things I didn't like about Frozen. I decided that would be too many. So I'll write what I did like instead.

Disney continues to put together visually pleasing animation, whether it's digital or traditional. It's colorful and fanciful. My favorite characters are Olaf and Sven, the snowman and reindeer. The songs were nice. Of course the favorite is Let It Go sung by Elsa. The actress Idina Menzel in the movie sang her heart out in that song. However, the songs had a Broadway feel to it. Instead of dialog, they sang...a lot. A kid in the theater actually said, "Don't tell me she's going to sing again." But Disney came to their senses and cut down on the songs considerably toward the end of the movie. I have no aversion to Broadway, it was just different than what Disney usually does with its songs.

The setting was appropriate (mountains and snow tend to go together) yet its culture didn't come through as well as in the movie Brave. I believe Frozen is set in Norway (I had to look it up). The characters' names tipped me off to the general location. But other than that and the one guy with an accent, I wouldn't have known.

Frozen's theme was endearing. It was about love.

The movie is about two sisters. The oldest, Elsa, has kept a secret from her sister Anna. She can create/control ice and snow. Incidently everyone finds out when Elsa accidentally brings eternal winter to the land during the summer. Elsa runs away because she's afraid, Anna goes after her. The plot loses focus after this, somewhere in the middle. 

I have seen Disney do a lot better when it comes to plot and character. I liked the concept but, there is just something off about the story. But it's Disney, so the movie is worth a look.

Rating 3.5/5
Update: I read the trivia on This movie had major changes made to it pertaining to the sisters' characters and plot line. I could tell.

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