Friday, October 17, 2014

Review Statue of Liberty

Statue of Liberty
Liberty IslandNew York CityNY 10004

First tip: Book your trip well in advance if you want to go up to the pedestal and the crown. You must be at least 4 feet tall in order to go to the crown. There are no elevators to the crown, just hundreds of steps.

I booked this trip online. It was only about $18/adult. This price includes access to the pedestal if there are enough tickets for it on the day you want. The park service only gives out a certain number per day. Book early. I believe the crown access is $4 more. If you don't get pedestal or crown access the price is the same just to walk around the island and Lady Liberty.

There is one elevator that is run by the ranger so there is a long wait. If you're healthy, you can head up the hundred or so steps to the pedestal. Once there, the access to the outside is about three feet of space all around. You have to squeeze by people to walk around the entire statue. If you have crown tickets, you have to walk up a winding staircase of another hundred or so steps. We only went to the pedestal because my son was not tall enough.

The rangers were really helpful and everything ran smoothly. We had our tickets scanned and we boarded a ferry. The rule of the ferry is to get as many people as possible onto it at one time. It has an upper deck and lower deck. There was a place onboard to buy snacks and gifts.

Once we were on the island, there were shops and places to eat. There is a locker available for $2 I believe, to store book bags and such. You are not allowed to take anything up to the statue except a camera and your wallet maybe. Be sure to ask.

The museum is on the ground level and is very interesting. You can get headphones in almost any language for a self guided audio tour. There are scale models of the statues face and one foot so you can get an idea on how large she really is.

The ferry runs on a regular schedule so you can also take it to Ellis Island where immigrants entered the US. It has a museum. We did not get off the ferry at Ellis Island because we ran out of time.

There is parking near the ferry pick up on the New York side and one on the New Jersey side, however, I recommend public transportation. Driving in New York is not pretty.

It was a unique experience and I recommend going.

Rating 5/5

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