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STONE HORSES is a new band local to the DC/Baltimore area.
They've recently had an EP come out, and tonight is actually my first time listening to it because I'm an awful fan. But I gotta admit, I'm impressed. A great band of guys with some great new music.
Most of the band is comprised of members of Charm City Devils, a relatively well established rock band, so it's no surprise the album literally rocks. But (again because I'm an awful fan) the new album really did impress me and go above my expectations.
The album is made up of 6 songs (at $5.99 that's less than $1 a song - what a deal!), but I'm just gonna talk about my top three.
My number one favorite on this EP is Flirting with the Devil, track five. Honestly it sounds like a The Pretty Reckless (my favorite current band) song, and in fact I started playing "Take Me Down" (The Pretty Reckless) on top of "Flirting with the Devil (STONE HORSES) and I think I made something because it's insanely good and works together extremely well. Okay, let me specify - not the entirity of "Take Me Down" just the beginning of the "sign with the devil" part until the end over just before the 3 minute mark of "Flirting with the Devil". Don't go stealing my ideas now, though. But yeah, it works and it sounds good and usually I get really mad when songs are too similar, but in this case I really like it. Maybe it's because I love both bands (my uncle calls me a groupie for both of them, but if ya look up the definition of a groupie I am not). But no matter the reason, "Flirting with the Devil" is definitely a great song. So kudos to the band.
I can't quite decide on the order of the next two in terms of my favorites, but they sound quite different from each other, which showcases the band's range and flexibility quite well. So I'm just going to go in order on the album.
Up first is track number three, "Weiland". I'm guessing by the title it was probably inspired by Scott Weiland of Stone Temple Pilots, but I have to admit my STP knowledge is extremely lacking so if it really is I couldn't tell ya. However, I absolutely love the rhythm of it. It's just a fun song. It reminds me of the early 2000s but a lot of times when something reminds me of something everyone else doesn't see it so take that with some salt. I don't wanna use the term vibes because I'm going to use that in my next song analysis but it really does just have some great vibes that, like I said, are just fun. It doesn't sound like anything else on the album (in my opinion), which is another reason it immediately stood out to me. I dig it.
The other song I really liked was track six, "Roads". "Roads" is the last track of the album and it's a song that I would totally jam out to in the bath. Like some snake charming, totally relaxed hand feeling the music waves in the air type stuff. Also, fun fact, when my dad first bought the album (way before me because I suck) he played all the song previews and the dog even really felt this one. So I guess more of a dog charming than snake charming song, but still it just gives out those vibes. This is a song you have to close your eyes and just go with the flow. Let the music move you (and your head). Unfortunately, because of how intensely the music chills (relaxes) you, it kinda makes the lyrics and vocals tune out a bit but the instrumental vibes more than make up for it. Now that I'm typing all this out I think "Roads" is my second favorite as it moves you. Isn't that what music is supposed to do?

You can buy the EP on iTunes and check out STONE HORSES on Spotify and other streaming sites. Don't forget to request them at your local rock radio station as well! They've also been featured on Sirius XM Octane and the Nikki Sixx show!
Want to see them live? Here's some of their upcoming concert dates:
September 29, 5:30pm Breakaway Sports Lounge, Hagerstown, MD
October 6, 8:30pm, Metro Gallery, Baltimore, MD
October 8, 4:20pm, Fells Point Fun Festival, Baltimore, MD

Check them out on social media at the links below.

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