Saturday, July 7, 2012

American Eagle Skinny Kick Jeans

American Eagle's newest style of jeans is called the Skinny Kick! They are a combination of the classic flare and the sizzling skinny. My two favorite jeans combined into one! What could be more perfect??
American Eagle Outfitters describes their new Skinny Kick Jeans as "Sits low on waist; skinny fit; 17" leg opening". These jeans are available in 4 colors/shades: Faded Dark, White, Antique Medium, and Sun Faded Destroy. (The ones I am sporting in the two pictures above are Antique Medium.) Prices on these jeans range from $39.95 to $49.95. You can buy them in stores or online at American Eagle Outfitters
Honestly, I truly really like these jeans. They are mega comfortable and I could easily wear them all day - in school, walking town, taking tests, sitting all day, standing all day - without feeling the need to change them or wear yoga or sweat pants instead. Some jeans leave a mark where they come on your hips/waist (even if they correctly fit you and you don't need a different size!), which can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful at times, but with these jeans, that problem doesn't seem to occur. It just depends on how jeans are cut, and these jeans are cut to wear they won't hurt you in any way. 
I like these jeans and would definitely recommend them to people.
Also, they come in a bunch of classic jean colors - white, dark, regular, and destroyed - which is great because you can easily find outfits with them and can dress them up for more formal events (like with the white skinny kicks), or dress them down for less formal things (like with the destroyed skinny kicks). 
I think some people put jeans into style categories (or at least they used to) - boot cuts/flares for hippies, skinnys for punks, destroyeds for rebels, etc. - but with these jeans, it's the perfect mix of all of it, so that anyone can wear it and not feel isolated. Anyone can wear these and fit into any group of people, easily. I think that's what I love best about them. They're jeans anyone can wear and feel comfortable and confident in. 
And that's really key to any great outfit, or any great pair of pants/jeans. Because if you can't wear your clothes with confidence, why wear them? 

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