Friday, July 6, 2012

Hurley Tribal Print Bikini

This bikini is available at PacSun! 
I got it at PacificSunwear (PacSun) for $6.99 a piece (top and bottom) because they were having a sale. I looked on the Hurley website to try to find pictures for you (the pictures above are from PacSun's site; the one to the left is me), but I could not find it anywhere on the site, so I think it has been discontinued or something at Hurley which was why it was on sale at PacSun for such an inexpensive price. If you would like one, I would suggest you hurry and get one because I don't know how many more are available if they have indeed been discontinued. 
This bikini has a halter top and a regular bottom. It's not a string bikini, but a regular bikini. This makes it acceptable for the ocean where waves could easily untie string bikinis and expose parts that should stay covered. It won't just fall off, unless you obviously get it in not your size. 
It's really comfortable and you can wear it for hours without feeling the need to take it off. The halter isn't very noticeable, unlike some where the knot/bow from being tied behind your neck start to push into your neck and hurt, on your neck until after a while, too. 
It's cute; it's comfortable; what's not to like?
I would recommend this bathing suit. :)

This is Hurley Bikini Style H6462P.

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