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2013 Mount2000 theme

Picture from the Mount2000 facebook page

Last year was my first time going to Mount2000; this year I went again. Mount2000 is a weekend Catholic retreat for high schoolers. Well over 1,600 Catholics from throughout the nation gather at Mount St. Mary's University, in Emmitsburg, Maryland, to grow in their faith and their love of God. This year, out of those 1600+ people, over 1000 of them went to Confession. Reconciliation was not the only thing going on, though. Speakers such as Mark Hart and Jackie Francois, gave inspirational speeches and Father Mike Schmitz gave homilies that made everyone want to go to church everyday, just to hear! The Josh Blakesley Band made it fun with their music, and everyone had a good time. The dean of Mount St. Mary's even gave a speech and granted a minimum 6,000 dollar ($24,000 total for 4 years) scholarships to everyone attending Mount2000, if they choose to go to Mount St. Mary's University. Each group had their own Seminarian leader and a good time was had by all. 

Some of the comments from people who attended this year's Mount 2000 (from their facebook page):
"This year was my first time at Mount 2000. I came as a chaperone with my parish's Youth Group and I absolutely LOVED it! Since I got home, I've been telling all the people I know that they should go! You had such wonderful speakers, such a great environment with all of the priests, seminarians, and religious walking around and helping out, and the events were fun and faith-filled! My teens loved the Eucharistic procession the best, and I have to say, that was my favorite part as well. It was SO moving! I hope I can come back as a chaperone year after year! (At least, until I pay off my student loans from college and join the convent I've been accepted to!) :) Thank you SO MUCH for having this event! God bless all of you that put this together!" -Jessica C.
"I left the retreat feeling so loved because of all that you did for us!!" -Jacqueline S.
"Been attending for 11 years and always walk away with a better understanding of my faith and promise in our youth today." - Carol R.
"Mount2000 is the most awesome retreat I've ever been on! I look forward to going every year, I've been coming since 2000 and have only missed two retreats since then. It's like Jiffy Lube for my soul!" -Jeanne G.
"An extraordinary faith experience for all" -Diane K.

Visit the Mount2000 Website here for more info!Next year's will be held on February 7-9, 2014 at Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg!

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