Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Stars of Mount2000, 2013

Obviously many more people were involved in the creation of this celebration, such as the seminarians and the priests and the archbishop of Baltimore himself, Archbishop William Lori, but here are some informations about the faces of Mount 2000 for this past weekend, 2013.

Information from the Mount2000 Website.

Fr. Mike Schmitz

Father Michael Schmitz, the director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry for the Diocese of Duluth as well as the Chaplain for the Newman Center at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, inspires and educates through his priesthood and preaching. His Newman Center focuses on being fed through the Sacraments as well as study and knowledge of the Church and has thrived under his humble and Spirit-filled guidance. He has preached to youth and young adults across the country about the love of God and the call of Jesus Christ for saints to be raised up in the Church. Father Mike's hope is that these saints will redeem the entire world for Christ.

Mark Hart

Mark Hart serves as Executive Vice President for Life Teen International. A graduate from the University of Notre Dame, Mark is a best-selling and award-winning author (or co-author) of over a dozen books. His newest book, “Embracing God’s Plan for Marriage: A Scripture Study for Couples” is already gaining attention and will be released on May 1st.
Mark has traveled the globe speaking to millions of souls and is a regular guest on several Catholic radio programs, including a weekly spot on Sirius/XM. His wildly popular DVD Bible Study Series, “T3”, is revolutionizing Catholic youth/young adult Scripture Study. Additionally, Mark’s weekly Life Teen podcast and other original resources are utilized in youth groups, homes and classrooms in over two dozen countries. Mark’s humor and his passion for Scripture are helping hundreds of thousands of Catholics, young and old, begin to read and study the Bible in engaging and relevant ways.
Mark and his wife, Melanie, have three daughters: Hope, Trinity and Faith and they live in Arizona.

Jackie Francois

Jackie is a full-time speaker, singer/songwriter, and worship leader from Orange County, CA. In 2006, she became an artist with and in 2008 released her debut album titled “Your Kingdom is Glorious.” She has been involved in youth ministry since she graduated high school, and she now travels the globe speaking to young people about God’s love and leading worship for various events and ministries. She is friends with people who are passionate about God, food, and coffee. And perhaps saints, spiritual books, volleyball, quoting stupid things, the beach, accents, and bowling.

Josh Blakesley

Josh’s Christian music journey began in 1992 while he was involved with a high school peer ministry team. During that time he saw the power of God at work in the lives of teens as they were transformed into believers and lovers of Jesus Christ.
He vowed to be “sold out” for Christ and to use his gift of writing music to glorify God. In a world where well-produced secular music is dominant, he has dedicated himself to making quality contemporary Catholic music.
In 2003, Josh released his first solo album, Immersed , which includes original songs written mostly from his experiences in youth and music ministry. Immersed was followed by his sophomore album Waiting, and by his 3rd album, Free. His newest CD, You Are the Light was released to iTunes in March of 2012 debuting at #16 on the Christian and Gospel charts. You Are the Light is an answer to Pope Benedict XVI’s call to “search for the true, the good and the beautiful”. His music focuses on a true communion with the living God while stressing that blessings really do come to those who wait on the Lord. He does so through an innovative blend of pop and rock tracks that are truly inspired.
In addition to composing and recording music, Josh has participated in several World Youth Day celebrations including the 1993 Denver event and the 2011 Madrid event. He has led music for over 15 years at various Steubenville Youth Conferences throughout the U.S and has worked extensively as a musician with Life Teen International and Catholic Heart Work Camps.
Currently, Josh serves as assistant music director at Our Lady of Prompt Succor Catholic Church in Alexandria, Louisiana where he, his wife Heather and their two children, Sophie and Sutton live. Josh travels many weekends to other parishes throughout the U.S. doing concerts, conducting workshops for musicians, speaking at youth rallies and conferences, and leading praise and worship.

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