Friday, November 8, 2013

The Magnificent Twelve: The Call Book Review

The Magnificent Twelve: The Call

Mack has issues. His issues begin with his twenty or so phobias and continue with him being named a hero-the only one who can save the world from the Dread Foe.

I laughed out loud at this book. It is a quick read with a quick wit. The reader is invited along on an adventure that doesn't seem likely to succeed. But it's such an enjoyable read that you hardly notice that the hero will probably get squashed-either by bullies at his school or the mother of all evil!

This middle grade book is full of great dialog. Mack and the narrator keep the reader entertained. Grimluk's story is also intertwined well and compliments Mack's story-providing just what the reader needs to move the plot forward. Not many of the characters have just regular conversations. Humor is woven throughout yet it doesn't seem contrived. Although there are a few stereotypes, they also have wonderful twists to their personalities and are consistent in all situations. The Golem is cute.

The plot action does move quickly and has many surprises. I could've done without all the fragmented sentences, but it doesn't distract too much. My favorite part is the airplane scene.  Brilliant.

This installment of The Magnificent Twelve takes the reader to Australia. We get a real feel for the landscape without being bogged with too much description.

I enjoyed the first chapter of the second book The Trap. Hope the "Wow" factor can sustain through the series because Mack getting knocked out was starting to get a bit old.

I recommend this for a fun read.

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Rating 5/5

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