Friday, February 21, 2014

Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones III Book Review

Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones III 
by Evelyn Ink
The final chapter of the Darlington sisters' adventure was worth the wait. The sisters Paige, Bean, Dorrit and Hayde started out with a doorknob, backpacks, a few snacks, and a sword with their mother's name engraved on it set to face unknown dangers to save their older sister from a beast. The girls truly grew up on their perilous journey, but stayed true to character until the end.
In Sticks, Stones, and Dragon Bones III by Evelyn Ink, the Darlington sisters finally get within reach of their sister, but they have to go through Brakkus (the monster that kidnapped their sister in the first place) and the almost king who is set on ruling whether he has the right to or not. But these things, although scary, do not deter the sisters as they join the rebels and hope it's the right side. Nothing is set for the girls. Much of their journey has been filled with prophesy and chance, and they use that and their own quirks to get through it all.
I enjoyed this series. It does leave a little bit at the end that does make you want more, but the Darling sisters' quest is wrapped up nicely with excitement and humor.
I recommend this series.
Rating 4/5
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