Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Girl Who Played With Fire (book)

Let me start off by saying, read the first book first. Just for the issue of not understanding a dilemna in this one.
The Girl Who Played With Fire: by Stieg Larsson
I cannot find too much relevant information about the book, or the (deceased) author. I attribute this to the fact that I own the book on my Kindle and the movie takes up a lot of internet search results.
The book is a continuation of Larsson's AMAZING book "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo." There is some adult content in the book, there is a scene where a woman remebers getting raped, and the illegal sex trade is a topic in "Fire." Fire is the second of three in a series where the main character is a woman who is socially inadequate but very smart. She has a very troubled past and recounts on it very few times, she also has trust issues. The second book was the one I chose to review because the second one will leave you will your jaw wide open waiting to read the third. Trust me, I just witnessed this myself. The story starts very slow but gradually picks up and snowballs. The whole time though you will find yourself reflecting on it. The book itself is written very well, and translated from Swedish to English well too. If you have not already read this book, do so soon!
I would say 5/5.

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