Monday, May 16, 2011

Kiko the Hawaiian Wave Review and Giveaway!

Kiko The Hawaiian Wave

Beth Navarro


6 and Under

My Rating:

My Thoughts:
Kiko the Hawaiian Wave is a book about a wave trying to find it's surfer, and a surfer trying to find his wave. It is part of the Be There Bed Time Stories collection, which I think is a really great site. You can record yourself reading the book and when your child/grandchild/friend opens the book to read it you will appear in the corner reading the book to them. Such a sweet gesture and every bit of love you can show your kid counts and will be remembered.
Kiko the Hawaiian Wave is a great story in the collection and a great story itself! Kiko has never really been a big or strong wave and is made fun of by a bad wave, but shows everyone he can be a wonderful wave! Wow, now that I've typed this, Kiko sort of reminds me of the surfer version of The Little Engine That Could, but without having to try quite so hard.
Personally, I loved this book and I think all of the little Princesses and Princes out there will too!

Lucky for them, we are having a giveaway!!
Kiko the Hawaiian Wave is part of the Be There BedTime Stories website, an awesome site featuring great books like this!
Beth Navarro and her publishers are generously willing to donate a coupon to one lucky follower so they can recieve this book for free!!! :D Just add Beth as a friend on facebook and send her a message about Kiko! You also must be a follower of PrincessReviews in some way, shape or form!
This is an ebook thing, so I think it's international, but when you message Beth you can make sure.
Thanks and happy reading!!

This giveaway ends May 23!!!

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