Friday, May 13, 2011

Resident Evil (film)

Okay, this is my first review here and let me just say that I am going to be dead honest and try to make my reviews as professional as possible for the review and then the reccomendation will include my personal thoughts.
The Resident Evil Films are loosely (really loose) on the video game series by capcom. The story's main protagonist is Alice Abernathy, she worked for Umbrella, the corporation that developed the T-Virus, and she wakes up after weird events occur in a so far undisclosed location. She wakes up in a shower and it is revealed (slowly at first but it is hinted at) that she is suffering from amnesia. The amnesia is a side effect of a gas released into her shower by an A.I. (artificial intelligence) and the fact that this gas was released at all is a problem. After a few military people invade Alice's "home" they go through a door hidden behind a rather large mirror. Behind the mirror is a large staircase leading down to a train station. Cool concept but not practical, in the least. So the military and Alice and Matt (cop (*spoiler not*)) get into the train and after the power is re-established start the train ride a mile underground to the hive. Along the way one of the military (actually an Umbrella commando) opens a door on the train and Spence falls out. Here on out Alice and Spence regain their memories and learn they were lovers even though their marriage was a fake. It really starts to get good when people start dieing. Half the team is taken out by a laser might of focused light (I am not a science type of guy so all practicality aside that's pretty cool.) The remainder of the team and Alice and Spence rejoin with the other three people. Then the zombies attack and they get cornered. Ok so thats about thirty minutes so I feel enough recapping has been done. The story is excellent but if you don't read the novelization a LOT of stuff is not explained well. The costumes worn by all but one character are exceptional, but Alice's dress is reminder of how bad styles were back in the fifties or so. The make up is done well and some zombies actually look, dead. The only main complaint I have about the movie is a lack of information, often present in a movie when the movie is also a novel.
Now for my opinion.
It's a good movie but you have to pretend it isn't Resident Evil if you enjoyed the games. I would reccomend it to people who are interested in these types of things. It isn't over the top action and there isn't much of a scare tactic. Though one scene always gets me. All in all I give it a 3 out of 5

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