Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fager's Island, Ocean City, MD

Fager's Island is a restuarant located on the Bay Side of Ocean City, Maryland. It is much like Seacrets and often compared to Seacrets, though I personally like Seacrets a lot better.
Fager's Island is the Hawaii of Ocean City. (Seacret's is the Jamacia of Ocean City.) The food is good, but overpriced, and the non-alcoholic daquiris were not good at all. But on Tuesdays, they have Paddleboard Lessons (a picture of me and my sister doing this is above) for $5 when you eat at the resturant. Honestly, you don't need to though because they don't check for a recipet and there is no way to know where you ate. It was a good experience doing the paddleboard and I had fun. :) They have longer lessons too if you are interested. I would reccomend doing the paddleboarding, though the food I would say to skip. They also have a store there as well.

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