Friday, August 5, 2011

Job's Daughters

What is Job's Daughters?
The International Order of Job's Daughters (IOJD) is another Masonic Youth Organization. Rainbow (previously reviewed) and DeMolay (review to come) are the other two (2) organizations. To be part of Job's Daughters, you must be a female related to a Mason - Not a carpenter or builder type mason, and not a person named mason, either. A member of their local Masonic Lodge or Temple.

How is it related to Rainbow?
Like Rainbow, it's a masonic youth organization for girls. You have a ritual, each meeting is held at a masonic lodge twice a month, and you have 5 main people. In Rainbow it's Worthy Advisor, Worthy Associate Advisor, Chairty, Hope, and Faith, while in Jobies its Honored Queen, Senior Princess, Junior Princess, Guide, and Marshal. The adult leader is also present in both organizations - Jobies Bethel Gaurdian, Rainbow Mother Advisor. They have a Grand meeting one weekend a year for thier state and all who want to attend from out of state, and a Surpreme meeting for the internationalness of them.
However, how most Rainbows wear white gowns during meetings, Jobies wear white robes. Chains are replaced by headbands, and shoes replaced by slippers. Instead of focusing on the entire Bible, Jobies focus mostly on the Job section. While helping everyone, Jobies also do work for the deaf, when Rainbows do not.

How is it related to DeMolay?
It is the girl version of DeMolay, and they are very active together. The Masons tend to help out more and support the DeMolay and Jobies more than the Rainbow.
My fingers really hurt so imma finish this up. Draw your own conclusions based on my next post of DeMolay, which - since we were told to space things out - will be up tomorrow.

How old do you have to be?
Majority Member - 21 and Older
Job's Daughter - 10-20
Jobie To Be - 6-9
Junior Jobie To Be - 3-5
Future Job's Daughter - 0-10

My Thoughts:
I absoultely love Job's Daughters and in my mind it's better than Rainbow. You do more fun activities, both as a bethel and as a state.The girls are a lot friendlier and its good to know the Masons support you a bit more. Rainbows don't really hang out with the DeMolay while the Jobies always do, and they can make really good friends. I definately reccomend you joining if you are a child 10-20 and have a masonic relation, or telling someone about it who does.

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