Saturday, August 27, 2011

Five Star 5-Section Notebook

The Five Star Wirebound College Ruled 5-Subject 200 page Notebook is a notebook I use all the time for anything and everything! It's a strong notebook that can uphold tons of writing and doesn't easily get ruined. I took it to a crab feast today (yes, during Hurricane Irene, while shes here!) and the winds were really bad and strong and they blew a few pages but nothing cameout of it and the notebook itself is still in good condition.
This notebook is good for school and such because it does have 5 subjects in it. I use mine for just randomness, but I plan on getting another one for school to keep all my notes in - 1 section per class.
I like it, and it comes in all diffrent designs and colors too, so anyone will like how theirs looks, and I reccomend using this when you need a notebook.

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