Saturday, November 12, 2011

Geek Charming: The Movie

Geek Charming


Premiered Yesterday (Friday, November 11, 2011) @ 8.
Encore is at 9PM on Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sarah Hyland, Matt Prokop

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Dylan Shoenfield is the most popular girl in school, and all she wants is to be Blossom Queen at the Spring Formal. When a film geek needs to do a documentary to win a trip to LA, he picks Dylan, hoping to find out the secrets of being popular. Instead he finds a smart, funny, caring girl whose boyfriend breaks up with her right before Spring Formal. Her friends ditch her, and she finds out who was and will be always there for her, even from before her mother, Past Blossom Queen, died.
This was a cute little family movie, much to be expected from being on the Disney Channel. The movie was based on the novel, and it does make me want to read the book. It did remind me a lot of Geek Girl (review to come), though there were obviously many differences, and a post will be up later comparing them.

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