Friday, November 11, 2011

Once Upon A Time

ABCs-Once-Upon-a-Time_gallery_primary.jpgOh, I like almost all kinds of magic and fantasy and science fiction stuff. So I knew this was my type of show.

Once Upon A Time is on ABC on Sundays. Check your local listings. The premise of the show is that all the fairy tale characters have lost their memories and have been trapped in our world in a town called Storybrook for 28 years due to the Ultimate curse cast by the evil queen who tried to kill Snow White. But a hero is coming and the ultimate battle will begin.

Three episodes have aired so far and I had to record them on my DVR so I ended up watching all 3 episodes almost back-to-back and I am hooked. The second show had me talking back to the screen. For me, that means it has gotten inside my head and I won't rest until I see the end.

The show is set up to show what's going on in the present in our world and in a series of flashbacks in fairy tale land. But it interweaves the past with the present so well that I had no problem following it. If you have questions about the present, then the flashbacks explains the who, what and how. There are surprises throughout though so everything is not as easily resolved as you would think. I can not really tell much about it without telling the story.

And based on the preview I saw at the end of the third show, every fairy tale looks like they are going to have a part of their stories told. And these are not the way I remembered the fairy tales. They each seem to have a unique twist to them. Like Snow White being a thief and bandit in one part. But all the stories are blended together because of the central characters and the fact that none of the characters can ever leave the town (or bad things will happen).
The cool thing about this show, so far, is that you already know the ending (good wins over evil), but they still keep you interested enough to see how it happens. Because characters are popping up and angles are being explored that put obstacles in the way to an easy ending. It has action and drama and true love all leading you toward happy endings because of course, that's how all fairy tales end.

I give it a 5 out of 5 (so far)
TV-PG rating with some violence and scary situations.

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  1. I've been watching this also. Like you, I had to go back and catch up. I love it! I love how they've taken the traditional fairytale peeps and made their stories completely different with only a few similarities. I think it's a cool idea.

    Fairytales are the latest craze, which is funny because I'd already begun to write some short stories based on them. Guess I subliminally picked up on that without realizing it. :o)