Saturday, November 26, 2011

Geek Girl Book vs. Geek Charming Movie

Geek Girl is a book by Cindy C Bennett and Geek Charming is a Disney Channel Original Movie. Geek Girl and Geek Charming are both very similar in many ways. This post is here to compare and contrast the two.
Well, for starters, they are both about boy geeks and their not-very-geeky love interests. In Geek Charming, the female role is a highly-popular once geek, while in Geek Girl, the girl is a rebelous goth chick, with an inner geek.
Obviously, the biggest difference, is that Geek Charming (though based off a book) is a movie and Geek Girl is a book. 
In Geek Charming, the 'geek' confronts the popular girl to get her to be in his movie, while in Geek Girl the goth goes up to the 'geek' to try to change him. In both, they end up becoming 'geeks' themselves. 

Here are the reviews I wrote for both, so you can compare and contrast them yourself. 
In Geek Girl, a goth makes a bet with her friends that she can turn a geekly nerd into a bad boy. Jen starts out on her quest to turn Trevor, only to find herself quickly falling for him, and even starting to like some of the things that he enjoys. She decides to drop the bet, but her friend, Beth, doesn't like this. She tells Trevor about the original bet, which angers and upsets him. Jen and Trev start to ignore each other, and the only way to find out if they can overcome the hurt is if you read Geek Girl yourself. 
This book was so good, I started it and literally did not put it down until I finished it! I haven't read a book that good in a while. It has the classic plot of two people from completely different worlds falling for each other. The book itself is written in the present, as if those things are going on as you read them. Most books tend to use past-tense of most things, not really giving you the same "in the story" feel (where you feel like you are actually in the story) that you get in this book. I really enjoyed that, since it made you feel more into the book and connected with it, as if you were a part of it. In some parts, it was quite easy to believe that you were Jen. Other parts, you wanted to feel sorry for her, and the emotions throughout this book definatly come alive when you read it. This is a book I would definately recommend to my friends, and I'm sure most people would agree.

Dylan Shoenfield is the most popular girl in school, and all she wants is to be Blossom Queen at the Spring Formal. When a film geek needs to do a documentary to win a trip to LA, he picks Dylan, hoping to find out the secrets of being popular. Instead he finds a smart, funny, caring girl whose boyfriend breaks up with her right before Spring Formal. Her friends ditch her, and she finds out who was and will be always there for her, even from before her mother, Past Blossom Queen, died. 
This was a cute little family movie, much to be expected from being on the Disney Channel. The movie was based on the novel, and it does make me want to read the book. 

Both are definitely great, and I recommend the two to whoever wants to check them out!


  1. The movie Geek Charming was actually based off of the book Geek Charming by Robin Palmer.

  2. Yes but movies are never the same as the book. Maybe similar but never the same.