Sunday, October 21, 2012

Gary's Gray World

Gary's Gray World

Ryan J. Cunningham

Crissy Fanslau


I'd Recommend to..
6-8 year olds

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My Thoughts:
Gary's whole world is gray - his baseball team is called the "Gray Sox", his mom's car is gray, the clouds and sky are also gray - ever since his dad started working more and hasn't had time to hang out with him. His dad even forgets about Father Son Baseball day and when his friend's dad pitches in, they leave him in the baseball field while it's raining! But Gary's father ends up ditching work to come hang out with Gary, and a bright rainbow fills Gary's world up with color once again.
Before even reading the book, I look at the cover and see that in Gary's gray world, it is raining, and even his tee shirt says "Gray Socks" and his shoes are grey. He's outside on a baseball field and sad, because it is raining. I feel like Chrissy Fanslau did a really good job at creating visuals for waht Ryan J. Cunningham wanted, just by looking at the cover, and I am excited to read it.
Then, I flip through the pages real quick, not reading yet, just previewing, and I see that the words are big, which is good for a young audience, especially so they can follow along and/or read it themselves, but I also see that some pages don't have images. It starts off having a picture page then a writing page, but there are some pages where there are a few pages of nothing but words. This makes this book wonderful for transitioning readers, where you're past the whole 'picture on every page to help you guess what the words say' reading level, but not quite to the chapter book or 'book without pictures' reading level. I think this book will truly benefit kids who are trying to learn how to read.


  1. Uh oh, our cars are gray too! Good review.

    1. Thank you!
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