Sunday, October 14, 2012

My Father's Dragon Triology Book Review

My Father's Dragon
By Ruth Stiles

This is a wonderful story I read a long time ago and recently found on audio-book. I listened to it with my 6-year-old daughter and it was great adventurous fun. My Father's Dragon is about a boy named Elmer Elevator who finds a stray cat and brings it home. The cat tells Elmer all about her adventures on Wild Island where there is a baby dragon held captive by the wild animals and being used as a type of postal carrier. The dragon flies over a big river taking animals and packages back and forth. Elmer decides to help the dragon. I enjoyed this book and recommend it to all readers of adventure who love intelligent characters who come up with inventive solutions to problems.
Rating 5/5

Elmer and the Dragon

This is a great follow-up to My Father's Dragon. Elmer Elevator has rescued the Dragon and the Dragon is now flying over the ocean to take Elmer home. But a big storm forces them down. Fortunately they land on Canary island and so begin another adventure to help the canaries with their problem.
Rating 5/5

The Dragons of Blueland
This is the final book in the My Father's Dragon series. Elmer finally gets home and the Dragon makes his way home to Blueland only to find his family in danger of capture. The Dragon knows that only one person can help him so he turns to Elmer for help. This is another great adventure with imaginative resolutions to problems.
Rating 5/5

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